ECHOcast - Moxxtail-Event Bugs?

A few days ago we made a multistream with four players, everyone activated the ECHocast extension. It was the first time with the Moxxtail-Event and it seems the event is VERY buggy.

  1. There were way too many boxes with drinks. We still had buffs from the previous drinks and a new box spawned. After the stream I asked the viewers how many bits they used - 500 bits at all, so there should have been 5 boxes, but we got 10+. I read this should have been fixed months ago, maybe the bug is back?
  2. The name on the bottles didn’t change. 500 bits from 3 viewers (3x 100 bits on my channel, 2x 100 bits on other channels), but the bottles always showed only the name of the first viewer who sent us a Moxxtail-box. With one exception: The last Moxxtails we got, the bottles showed “$value” instead of a name. A little bit annoying.

I can’t do anything here, right? Is it possible it’s related to the language? We’re playing the game in german and our Twitch channels and the extension are in german, too. Is anybody else experiencing those bugs in the Moxxtail-Event?