Echocast stream tool for new streamers

how would a newer streamer use or install the echocast twitch tool on a stream? And would this work on console streams? Or is it exclusive to pc streams?

I would also like to know this. I’m on xbox one and I keep getting a message saying that the echocast extension is not yet installed on my channel. Any help would be great.

Presumably you go to your Twitch channel and add the extension as you would any other extension. I believe it was applied to consoles too in the last update along with Photomode for consoles.

Yeah I tried that, unfortunately no way to add extensions from xbox or a phone. I tried on both with no luck. If you know how to do extensions on xbox, or have a web link that would be awesome. Console may not be able to add extensions and maybe something on twitch end.

So I might have figured out how to do this and get it up and running. Go to twitch icon from your home page on xbox one or from the apps page. Then go to see in microsoft store. Once there scroll to.bottom of the page. There will be a few things you can click on, one in which is Twitch website. Click on that and it should use the xbox browser to take you there. It may log you in so make sure your xbox and twitch accounts are the same if not log out and log in with the account you use on twitch. Then click on your name it’s the little icon on the top right of the screen. Then open your sash board and go to extensions. Then go to extensions for games and click on that. Look for the borderlands 3 extension and click install. If you already linked your twitch with shift your all good. I’m pretty terrible at this but I hope this helps everyone. Good luck!

I’m adding some pics I hope will help. Also note I’m doing this all from xbox one. No pc required.