ECHOCast Twitch extension not working

I have activated the extension on Twitch
My Shift account is linked to both my Twitch account and my Epic Games account (using the same email address for all 3).
I had activated it in the game settings, but after discovering it wasn’t working (even after unlinking&re-linking my Twitch account from my Shift account several times), I turned it off.

The viewer who reported to me that it wasn’t working had just come from another stream where it was working fine for him. When I checked (through my stream preview, through loading my actual channel, and checking via the Twitch app on my iPad) it was just saying it was disabled (or something similar – I’m fresh off a long stream, so my brain’s a bit fried).

Is there some important little detail I’m missing or something?

I have the exact same issue as you.

Turning off the ad blocker did the job.


I am also having the same issue. I can see it working on everyone else’s streams. I can go thru their inventory, skill tree, etc. But when I go back to my stream, I can only see the claptrap that leads you to purchasing the game. I can’t view the actual echocast.

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Okay, so I’m posting this follow-up so that anyone else having this problem who sees this thread has specific instructions they can follow if they’re having the same problem. Here’s what I just did:

Opened Chrome settings.
Typed “block” into the search bar.
Clicked on “Site Settings” (because it had a yellow box with my search string pointing to it).
Clicked on "Pop-ups and redirects"or “Ads” (they both get me where I needed to go).
Clicked on the Twitch URL in the list there.
Set both the “Pop-ups and redirects” and “Ads” settings to “Allow”.

Fired up my stream to test it and refreshed the extension from my extension settings on Twitch. It took a brief moment to kick in, but it worked.

Figured it was something simple like that. Thank you, @harvester687!


After testing EVERYTHING outside of the game (Twitch settings, browser settings, email accounts, etc), I found out that you have to turn on the extension IN THE ■■■■■■■ GAME!
Pause the game, under OPTIONS choose NETWORK & SOCIAL and turn on the ECHOcast Twitch Extension. All the other options for the extension are there too.
Hope that helps!

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i’ve entered in over 20 rare red chests on streams and still have never won and many others have said the same. They go through 2-3 whole streams to get nothing every time , I think the odds are a little “too rare” in my opinion . the extension is a becoming a little pointless apart from the messing with the streamers pinata event. anyone else agree?

make that over 30 now and still not one win…

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This sounds like horrific RNG and you have my condolences, but perhaps this would be better placed wherever feedback would go instead of the forum category where people are seeking support on a technical level.

I’m still having issues even though I’ve turned off ad blocker. I can get the echocast to show up and do events on my friends streams, however it does not show up on mine. The only part I see of the extension is the part that says “buy now” on my stream.

It seems to work perfectly when I watch some streamers but the Vault Icon widget isn’t showing up on some without switching browser + refreshing a bunch of times.

I finally got it to work after having to turn my ad blocker off, unlink twitch from shift, uninstall the extension from my stream, log out of twitch, turn it off in game, log back into twitch, readd the extension and turn it back on in game

I had this problem too - I found out it was the cause of another extension I was using: Privacy Badger(PB). Because the ECHOCast extension has to track you somehow, PB was blocking it. So I had to reset the sliders in PB for anything than ended in “”. After doing that and refreshing the page, then the ECHOCast extension was working again. So if anyone is using Privacy Badger, you might want to check on that.

Also make sure to apply it in the config. "Creator Extensions, Activate set to the overlay"I’m trying to get it work 100% I have half of it working the right side but the see my character data doesn’t work on the left side and i’ve seen it work but as i slide through twitchers i note most do not have the left side character side working either. I also think they have no clue it should be working on the left side of the screen as well.

Okay something about this extension is unknown. Seems like maybe something kicks off the left side menu, was in a twitch no left side the magically it just showed up . Very odd.
I have played for hours watched my own channel and not once has the left side ever opened up.

Seems on first load it doesn’t load the left menu have to shift refresh then it seems to load most of the time. SMH

There also seems to be info we do not know about this. Even with the refresh I can not ever get the left menu to load on my twitch stream as i think it’s because I am the only viewer seems we need more viewers to really make this thing work right.

I also found another problem i constantly have the extension does not remain active. I know it is supposed to activate on it’s own when you start etc. but that simply isn’t working when i go to configuration it is constantly removed from overlay one and i have to apply it every time i start up.

Now like i said maybe it it supposed to do this then sense when you start play and add it to the overlay but that isn’t working or i have no idea or document ion to tell us how long that should take. I start my stream i visit my stream and see it’s live but if i go to config heck even an hour later I’ve seen it not active on overlay 1 and i have reinstalled and still the same issue.

Played an entire set of hours online not once did this extension detect bl3 and start up it remained unactivated the entire time this sucks.

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Hey I tried all of the troubleshooting solutions that you posted and I still can’t seem to get my ECHOcast to work properly. The events and all that will register but no one can see my stats and inventory.