Echocast - what’s the idea?

Hi all
I’m hoping someone can clarify this echocast for me.

I joined twitch and linked it to my shift account but I still don’t see anything different on screen from a normal twitch vid? I know it has to be live (no idea when someone is going live so I guess I’ll have to turn the laptop on and check every hour or so?) and I know there should be a vault hunters symbol somewhere but don’t see it.

Next what’s the point of this?!?!?
I may be alone on this but if I own the game which obviously I will or why bother with echocast?, if I own the game why the hell would I be watching someone else play the game instead of actually playing the game myself?
Unless I watch someone who is higher level finding better stuff (purples and orange) and it gives me a chance to win them then ok I guess I can see a small point to it - for me anyway as in all the borderlands games I’ve played I’ve never been lucky enough to find any good weapons or gear honestly my friends think it’s funny I’m so unlucky.

It seems more like a gimmick, that twitch has donated some cash to 2k or someone to promote themselves.

I know for people who dont care about spoilers, and choose to wait for steam release can take advantage of it. It would help them gear up in advance.

Personally, I dont do any of the twitch stuff, plus it feels a little cheesy to get a boss drop without lifting a finger. I personally dont like it.

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It’s not boss drops. The chance only appeared during the streams when the streamer found a rare red loot chest. At which point the ones that were selected from the opt in lotto got to choose 1 of the items in the box.


Hey Man,

I think it more for players that like to watch their fav streamers / youtubers and see what kind of builds / weapons they are using without having to ask them all the time. I watch these guys like AdmiralBahroo, MorningAfterKill, etc…because they are damn good at the game and also very good at showing how to complete challenges etc.