Echoes of the demonic presence and soulless cyber parasites

At the crossroads of realms
against the spirits of creation there are opposed evil forces;
Instead of beauty and progress, they want to spread decay and death.
So let’s discuss this ugly mess and how to punch 'em in a… buttholes or whatever they have instead of faces!

Has anyone noticed that the symbol, which we could observe in one of cutscenes on Fake Angel’s satellite, is very similar to Strogg insignia?
(The Strogg are a soulless hostile cybernetic alien parasitic species from id software mythology)


Knowing the story of Borderlands2 becomes obvious that it was a straight allusion about nature of this horrible monster.
(Incidentally Stroggs are much kinder evil monsters, because they do not try to pretend to look like something kind.)

The monster ironically named “Angel” appeared the siren creature that was absolutely unable to control psionic powers. The Faceless demon in the guise of an office plankton sedated it to vegetable state (also obviously did intentional craniocerebral injury), and then just used its body as Eridium generator and accumulator for evil machine, which mostly was used for sending demoralizing spam through ECHOnet, for charging the Vault key, and perhaps from this source also worked some microwave oven and electric kettle.

another hint:

I think when the monster siren was disconnected from Eridium injectors, it died not because it was completely dependent on purple substance, but mainly because it was defeated from the beginning.
In Greek mythology the sirens were fated to die if any of the travelers heard their singing will pass by them not yielded to the temptation. In ancient times the sirens were much more dangerous. Ulysses escaped the treacherous sirens only thanks to Circe’s warning; he closed up the ears of his companions with wax and told to tie himself to the mast. The Argonauts were able to sail past deadly cannibals thanks to Orpheus’ acumen and his enchanting music.
But in Borderlands story this test seems much easier… Fake Angel wasn’t beautiful and its voice never inspired confidence.
Lucky Mordecai could just take off goggles headset when this ECHO-spam becomes too annoying. And Brick could always distract himself on punching something. While Roland was too busy on mission and under charms of the one good civilized Siren ; )

And the moral of this part of the story is… Boom! No mercy for evil dead! Tear them! Smash them! Shoot 'em all!

Seriously, I’m really pissed seeing how BL2 badly affected on children who can’t read Aesopian language.

By the way, in the first game we can get a reward for ignoring the evil monster: after getting the access to the Trash Coast, Fake Angel will annoy the Vault Hunters again hurrying them to senseless murder of innocent Rakk Hive who has awoken from hibernation (instead of warning and suggesting a bypass way which can be clearly seen from the satellite). If friends ignore the monster’s disgusting blabbering and get back to New Haven to rest and find some bounty business for new location, they can enter the elevator to the secret basement behind one of the tenements in New Haven.
Furnishings inside can be described as “It’s like Christmas!”
There’s also can be found “Rider” rifle by rare manufacturer.
I bet the parasites were pissed eavesdropping unclear echoes of laughter and joyful chatter, knowing that friends were having a good time outside ECHO-net coverage.