ECLIPSE and EOS nerfed?

So I was gone for about 4 months and was wondering, did they lower the health of these 2 bosses at any point? I remember the first few times I fought them, they seemed to have an enormous amount of health, comparable to a raid boss. I even joked to myself that it felt like they accidentally stuck an extra 0 at the end of the health bar.

I come back and suddenly the fight is much shorter than I remember (like, 1/3 of the total). I even loaded up a different character that I’m sure hadn’t beaten them with yet, and the fight was very doable. I also remember running out of ammo a lot, and now it’s manageable.

Nope same guys

It’s just that people have new strategy and are accustomed to the fight, so it feels easier.

@Hoyle4 Crap, seriously? Huh.
@ItsmeJamesAJ Maybe. But in my case I had stopped playing for months. Came back and used the equipment and skills the character already had. Nothing changed on my end.