ECLIPSE Boss: Are you kidding me?

He kills me in seconds and my best electric weapon can’t even get past his shields before his giant stomps, missiles, or swarm of drones kill me. One should need to group up or research the perfect weapons to defeat an enemy in a single player game.

Here’s a large topic with several videos and tips

I’m having much the same problem, I’m here to get some tips. My biggest problem though is that when I finished the vinilla part of the game I was level 29 so I went into the DLC at that level. I’m at level 33 at the moment but Eclipse is level 36. So that’s one thing I’m going to have to rectify.

I noticed it’s possible to shoot all his missiles and plasma balls out of the sky and also to get the plasma launchers from his arms but I can’t do that and damage him and move around at the same time. If you stop shooting the missiles and plasma balls to move, which requires jumping, I get killed by a single volley of missiles before I can get behind cover. If I get sent to Fight For Your Life while airborne it instantly kills me rather than getting FFYL. So everything resets.

About the best I’ve been able to do is around 10% damage to his shields. I’m using I Dreadnought Wilhelm with me being into the second level of skills of Hunter Killer. I’m using a Iron Golem mod with an Adaptive shield that adds +48% elemental resist in addition to the +29% from Hazmat Containment System.

For the first form, you need to jump around. As for the second, shoot him from lower deck where you can avoid his volleys behind pillars. A glitched yellow Maliwan blaster shock and corrosive or Maliwan splitter.

For those too lazy to read through the other topic. There’s a bunch of other tactics mentioned there as well. In general, people have a lot of luck with glitched weapons. Remember, the Denial Subroutine in 0v3rlook always drops one, and you can grind 3 into another one.


Athena completely owns Eclipse.


thanks for the shout out! i hope i was clear in the location i was talkin about :sweat_smile:

To OP: tried the bosses in the Souls -series of games? Not all single player experiences are supposed to be a cake walk.

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this is one of those dev can’t win type things. People complained game was too easy so they added a harder boss. People complain game is too hard now… Maybe they should have given you fairy bottles for story mode a-la zelda series or something and left the real challenge as a raid boss but idk. I’m fine with it. If I had chosen that on my first play through I might have been more frustrated but as for adding a truly challenging enemy as the last thing standing in your way at the end of the side dlc I think it is fine. you don’t need to beat it to progress to tvhm or uvhm and at the end of uvhm it provides a good goal to get better against. the only thing left to do at uvhm end is get the best gear so having a tough enemy makes sense. maybe he should get nerfed to half health in NVHM and 2/3 in TVHM or something.

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learn the fight. he was a pain the first few times i fought him, but paying attention to his attacks and movements makes it easy. thats how i found my hidey spot!

Welcome to Borderlands! The place where the elitists with spreadsheets make it so the game turns from a fun loot n’ shoot to a tedious grindfest in no more than 7 patches!

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The truth is out!

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A thousand times this!

I overcame every single boss in Demon’s Souls/ Dark Souls 1 and 2 singlehandedly, after much practice and so many deaths, I am proud of that.


Lol, people wanted a hard boss in BL:TPS and now that we get one, people do this. It is easy to get him after you know this:

There should be a place shaped like a hexagon with a jumpad surrounded by lava. Go there, you are protected when you go up this particular jumpad. Ammo generator nearby, and 2 of those one health/acid thingys. Go there and you will eventually defeat him.



Not everyone wanted a hard boss. That kind of generalization is what can lead to disagreements real quick. There are thousands of people who play this game, not every single one wanted a hard boss, and people can come to this forum and say that respectfully.

To the OP: Believe it or not, its more of a b***h on multiplayer. His health get ridiculous, and the amount of adds, combined with heat seeking cheese missiles that can hit both players at once, make it so that, while you can damage him, the fight takes forever. Even with a CS Athena and a Nisha with a Luck Cannon Eclipse still takes us 30 or 40 minutes, usually with at least 1 death. He just keeps launching missiles so you can’t shoot at him. That same Nisha can destroy Eclipse in 2 or 3 minutes in single player. So don’t expect an easier fight with more people. It can be just as difficult if not harder.


hi everyone I seam to re call the handsome scorcers (bl2 dragon keep dlc) where kind of hard in the begin but people worked it out how to beat them , I do agree eclipse is too hard for this game with the game at most part easier to play than bl2 and another thing it is 10 extra levels is the kill xp is messed up that the boss or I should bosses that yield most xp is redbelly and killing a super badass in tvhm get more than killing a ultimate badass in uvhm .

Wait for E0S.

Spoilers below…

Well, ECLIP5E decides that being a robot just ain’t enough, and turns into Helios. And you have to defeat him.

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EOS is nothing on Eclipse. All first forms are harder than Final Forms. Just look at the Sentinel, Super Fast Murderbot with no hope of Second Winds, to Giant pile of easily critable fodder.

Eclipse goes from Giant Robot of Missiles and Sadness, to Floating balloon of Missiles and Sadness.
Still, Balloons are easier than Robots.

Which character are you playing as anyway?


The main issue with the Empyrean Sentinel is that he cannot be killed anywhere except his crit spot, which is his face. IMO, the mask should’ve been regenerating. You don’t gain critical hits on his mask when it’s on, then when it falls down, you gain only a few seconds before the mask gets on again.