Eclipse/Eos respawn?

Hi everybody.
I can’t seem to make Eclipse/EOS respawn. Every time I walk up to the cortex nothing happens. There’s just the console to activate the arena mission and the modificators, but no raid boss.
Is there anything special to do to make him respawn and fam?

those aren’t in the same area

But I fought eclipse in the cortex, didn’t I ?
When I return there, there’s that drill-like thing in the center, the platforms, the jumpads, and that cabin at the back where you activate the customizable arena.

If not there, where do I make Eclipse respawn?


To make Shadow respawn, you replay the arena from l33t h4xz0r. On the higher difficulties, he’ll usually be wave 3.

For Eclipse, you continue on past the arena to the fake deck 13.5

jump above the arena consoles and go through that door to get to eclipse/eos

wow. can’t believe I didn’t remember that exit at the back. And that I didn’t see it again right now. Thanks. Just killed him again. No legendary tough. I’m gonna try the arena now. Thank you all.

No, that’s were you fought Shadowtrap. You fight Eclipse in Deck 13.5 (Not 13 1/5) The door to 13.5 is in the office where Birthday cat and Racist Hotdog are.