Eclipse/EOS still glitching?

So I have been grinding my L.65 Doppelganger to get to L.70 ASAP, in order to reset UVHM and play through it all at the max level. I have taken to “farming” Eclipse/EOS because it was different from the Sentinel/Empyrean Sentinel for some extra loot. However, I still notice that occasionally, Eclipse/EOS resets its health in the middle of a fight, leaving me at step one again but with significantly less ammo.

Has there been a way to prevent this health reset bug, or does anyone know how it is triggered? This has been frustrating as hell, considering how tedious grinding levels is on TPS.

No fix yet as far as I’ve seen. It was happening every third time or so the last time I played. So effing annoying, especially when you’re in UHVM.

Nudge nudge, Gearbox!!