Eclipse Problems?

So I’m a level 61 Enforcer… and I just don’t get this boss fight. I currently have it paused after he’s now in his second form? After Lilith comes out AND HIS SHIELD REGENERATED AGAIN!!! Is this supposed to happen? ha

A lot of people are having this problem. Unfortunately there is no trick to this, he just has an insane amount oh health and WILL regen. I’m so sorry. Best of luck bro. Only thing you can do is keep pounding on him.

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haha yeahhh figured… :frowning: Well if anyone wants to join my game and help me beat him it would be much apprecated!!! ha GT: ii No Beasty

Yea, it’s meant to happen. Every time you take off a quater of his health (I think) he turns invisible and Regens his shield.

Just hope he (2nd phase) doesn’t disappear and not come back. If this happens, you have to quit and restart at beginning of 2nd phase.

I was working on him last night as a lvl 61 Claptrap. I got his 1st phase down, but failed on his 2nd phase. I was close but managed to get down in a place without any 2nd wind chances (which is really hard to do with so many trash mobs around). Another played had me join up with him and together we knocked out the 2nd phase. A whole lot easier with 2 players.

The first phase my lvl 60 Rosie ate his health up fairly well … albeit slowly. Finding ammo and clearing trash was the busiest part of the fight.

His 2nd phase (EOS?) seems completely immune to lasers. Even the turrets on him don’t seem to take any damage from them … maybe a tiny bit … not sure. At times I was jumping what seem very close to him, so it cannot be a range thing.

My T4s-R shock pistol and especially a glitched shock shotgun I got took the shield off easily enough, but those were my only weapons that could damage him very much even after the shield was off.

Even my Flakker and Fragnum were not doing much damage … or none if he was too far away.

I had a glitched SMG (non-elemental) and the Fridgia. Neither did much to EOS, but they did prove useful for clearing out the trash. Same for a glitch rifle I had found, no real help against EOS … even in red glitch mode … which did help it.

Plenty of places to hide, lots of trash for 2nd winds, and the ammo regen boxes come back quickly.

I just did not have enough of the right kind of fire power by myself … or it was going to take a very long time.

Have a nice selection of weapons other than lasers for the 2nd phase.

I got him down in 1-2 minutes. I played Nisha, got my Kill Skills first then switched to a glitched Jacobs shotgun and finally used my Action Skill and shot him down. I do not know what is about other characters but maybe it also works good for them. Just try it. I hope this will help you.

I was able to beat it when a second person joined!! Seemed almost impossible before that, I mean I did get him down to almost no health in his EOS form, but still. Only took a few minutes with two people. I used a glitched shotgun and pistol for his EOS form and it slowly and surely worked.