Eclipse seems impossible to beat on UVHM

Been trying for the last 30 minutes to put this guy down and nothing works, can’t even get his shield down, doesn’t help that he has homing cheese missiles that put me to health gate straight away and he fires about 10of them per volley and they can hit you before you’ve even had a chance to enter his area as they go right through the red force field next to the vendors (meaning I’ve actually died while buying ammo and been put into FFYL before even landing on the platform below).

Has anyone killed him yet? I feel like I’m urinating into the wind every time I try and fight him, its just a big cluster of missiles and death.

OK I’ll bite, who is eclipse? Deadlift maybe?

lol @ deadlift.

Eclipse is a boss from the claptastic voyage.

I thought it must someone in the new DLC?

Edit: Yep.

Same here. It’s taken me 15 minutes to take down just his shield, and that’s with storm fronts and a max level vibra pulse.

What even is this?

It gets worse by the way, that’s only his first form.

Oh for f**k sake…

what character you all using?

What Lv are you and how many higher is he/she/thing

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I havent even gottwen there yet, but… Oh my god you guys are making me way too excited. For anyone complaining- Please… Just enjoy this. Some people cant wait to experience your anger


I love it. This is one of the most challenging things i ever experienced in a borderlands game. Its such an amazing boss fight. I beat it on uvhm at level 62. And it took me alot of tries and about 3 hours to beat him.

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I farmed him for the last hour (killed him 4 times) and he only dropped legendaries (2) on the first encounter (main mission). Whats about you guys?

He gave me an Invader the first time I killed him. I was hoping for one of the new weapons though!
Didn’t have too much with him as Athena but I’ll be giving him a go with my other characters. Without the Aspis and Maelstrom, he’s probably going to be a lot tougher. That final form is annoyinggg.


This thing is (damage-wise) one of the weakest guns for boss fights.

Haven’t tried on UVHM yet, though I did on TVHM. Definitely took a lot more bullets than I was expecting and got put in to FFYL a lot. Good thing he always tossed a few minions 10 feet away from me.

IMO Eclipse isn’t too tough, just long due to large amount of hp and needing to hide ~90% of the time so you don’t lose your shield and go into ffyl within a second. EOS on the other hand… at first was the same deal but it seems he’s rigged to spawn more enemies (good and bad, sure it makes it easier to get out of ffyl but it also means more stuff trying to kill you) and attack more and maybe enhance himself at certain hp percents.
All I know is that after beating him on UVHM I’m gonna curbstomp him on PT1 difficulty as revenge.

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Haha yea i might have to do the same thing. He was pretty damn hard on uvhm. Took me about 7 trys or more before I beat him.

I got him on first try on UVHM but I got SUPER lucky with glitches on my pink slapper. soooo many shotgun modes let me take him down quick. I think beam lasers are not going to work well on him bc it seems like it is too difficult to stay in effective range in the big form (eos?). All in all I am glad that this and the new arena are nice challenges. I also love that each arena match is fairly short.

I used a shock maliwan blaster and shock bullpup for the fight. It was pretty effective. But damn it took so long to get his health down. Especially his first form. Its such a great boss fight though. Its awesome we have more bosses to fight and farm now.

This makes me really curious… I thought the first form was extremely easy bc you could LOS dodge him all the time, but I struggled hard on the second form. I wonder which form most people are having more difficulty on now.