Eclipse with Jakobs Nisha, with white rarity gear. Now with video!

I was trying this for fun the other day, just to see how stupidly powerful Jakobs Nisha is. so i geared up with vendor trash and went to the hardest boss in the game.
Here’s what i was using: keep in mind that you can’t get an accessory or certain barrels on these guns.
Coach Gun (Jakobs grip and barrel, Hyperion stock)
Widow Maker (Jakobs grip, Torgue barrel [cant have Jakobs barrel, so i thought this was next best])
Tranquility O2 kit for extra damage.
Adaptive shield for survivability.
Longbow cryo transfusion for survivability and for kill skills.
Sheriff com for the gun damage and max health.
my spec:

And now, what you have all been waiting for…


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Good challenge @onlyin_kansas

it sucked. i went down 7 times, and my bleed out was getting shorter and shorter. unforgiven saved my bacon 3 times.

Wow, that is quite an accomplishment. Look at all the bitching in game play forums over how long it takes to kill Eclipse with top level gear. Nice work!

one third of the time was spent looking for ammo, another third trying not to die, and the last third tickling him with my shotgun and pistol. im going to try to do both him and EOS soon.

Nice accomplishment Kansas :smile:

Might I suggest possible improvements ?

Since you’re using white gear and not going for the “so fast my opponent can’t do anything” kind of run, a greater emphasis on survivability and non-kill skills might be the ticket. To me, bottled courage is a must for any lengthy fight, I can’t count the number of times it saved my ass. Especially with a desperado COM, you’ll be seeing that shield back more often.

good idea. but you aren’t getting any skill bonuses from your com, so the desperado doesn’t help that much. also, the shotgun with FFOB gets a Mag6 buff on every shot, so im not sure its worth it. my grenade and nishas tanky-ness with 30 stacks were working pretty good. furthermore, my shield only has around 80000 capacity. i was thinking about switching to the sheriff for precisely that reason. a small loss in DPS for survivability. (adaptive shield maybe?) i also ended up using the six shooter more because the shotgun is so much better than the pistol.

It helps in the sense that you get your showdown faster thanks to the cooldown rate :smile:

Keep both, trash some other skill instead. Also, if you want to go the route of the “Mag6 on every shot”, I suggest you dig through the forum to find my old “deputy Nisha” build. First one I put up for TPS back when the level cap was 50. It was a coach gun/striker build with emphasis on mag6, crack shot and a six-shooter COM. It was probably the most popular Nisha build back in the days and should probably work great for a white-gear only run.

Sheriff COM is my favorite generic COM, it should work pretty well :smile:

the sheriff (if im remembering the name right) gives about 10k health and 43% gun damage, while the sixshooter and desperado add 49%

i think this build might be the best:

I agree. It should get you the best results against bosses. It’s very close to @Charrisx stuff

Though for mobbing, I would remove the late part of L&O and transfer the points to Ruthless and high noon, but that’s just me.

i don’t intend on mobbing with this build (i might make a build with it though for the lols), even if i was, i still like having rarin and thunder crackdown. the huge DPS rarin provides gives my build the ability to actually scratch badasses, instead of tickle them, and ive never really seen the importance and tanky-ness 30 order stacks till i tried this kill.
if i were to mob with this build, it would look identical to the trees on my systems purge build. although the high noon ruthless combo does seem intriguing, i probably cant get enough kills in showdown (due to the crappy gear and lack of trick shot) to make high noon matter.

for a setup like you recommended, i would probably do something like this:

If you can kill 4-5 weak mobs, the last few shots on your showdown would actually be stronger than with Rarin… by a good margin :smile:

Also: still for mobbing, Impatience is a GREAT skill, I have actually never played without it. Even when I use guns with short mags, a single kill is still a 20% reload speed boost for a single point. I also love the fact that it makes a sound every time you gain a stack, that tells me when I get a kill.

neat. a build with originality and plays well. i might write this up as a build. the “deputy on a budget” build.

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could not agree more. i use it on my automatics setups and with 5-10 stacks, reloads are a breeze.

just uploaded a video of the feat by yours truly. hope the music is appropriate :smiley:

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really great music good job man for This video

it thought it would be funny. thanks for the support!

You are so right. it is very funny. just the title makes me laugh. Good stuff…:smile: