Economy in Borderlands 3

I wonder how the economy will be handled in BL3.

Playing BL1 remaster and BL2 simultaneously now the economic differences are a bit stark, particularly in early game.
BL1 money is somewhat scarce, and stuff costs a ton. BL2, money and gear worth money is plentiful and there are options to make it even easier to buy some things.
Weapons in vendors are one example. In BL2 I usually have picked up enough weapons and gear to be able to afford anything in the vendor (unless a very rare legendary shows up). In BL1 stuff in the vendor often is way too expensive for me, and even health vials can be a stretch.
Then there is SDU upgrades. In BL2 eridium is reasonably plentiful (for some value of plentiful) and SDUs can be had quickly. And if you don’t find enough, farming the slot machines (or even the lockers in Sanctuary) can get you what you need for not a lot of cash.
In BL1 SDU upgrades are danged expensive, and you really need to think about what you need.
Of course, in TPS SDU upgrades are even easier, the drop rate for moon rocks is much higher than eridium. Cash is tight, though, more similar to BL1 than 2.

Will BL3 be more liberal with cash like 2, or tighter like 1?
And the supplementary currencies question. BL2 got a little crazy with both eridium and Torgue tokens. I can envision, since we’re going to new worlds beyond Pandora that we’ll have a universal currency (standard dollars, lets say) that can be used anywhere, and each world having it’s own unique currency that allows you to buy special items on that world.
I can think of many interesting things that can happen with multiple balances of multiple currencies.


Don’t forget about the seraph crystals! Four different currencies in bl2, without including keys.
Not that I mind, because each of them have their own special vendors and it’s really only confusing for the first time.
Although, I really really hope ammo is handled like bl1. No telling how many times I’ve gone into FFYL, pull out my norfleet only to remember I couldn’t afford more rockets 20 minutes earlier. It just shouldn’t be that expensive, Marcus should have been ashamed

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Geez you’re right, forgot!

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There was an economy?

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I’ve had the exact opposite experience.
That said, I have literally NEVER wanted for money in the BL games. I’ve used it a bit in BL1 over the years for capacity limit items and/or if I can’t be bothered to walk around for a couple minutes to collect ammo. Sure, when starting a new character in BL2 or TPS I’d buy a shield or a decent weapon if there was one on the market (rare occurrence). I did appreciate that you could buy good stuff from vendors in TPS, but that has been basically my only use for cash in the games unless I have found myself in a bad situation early on.

Eridium and the like were a bit of a different story, but I could just farm bosses in the endgame and Eridium was the only one I ever found myself caring about.

Feel like there will be a new form of currency made by the CoV. You want this kind of gun? Vault coin thing from our order

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My experiences differ from the OP

BL1 money was overabundant. Loot drops in general were more generous and as such about the only thing to actually spend money on outside of topping off ammo was the SDU’s and you got the inventory SDU’s for free by doing the claptrap repair quests. Money literally capped quickly with no effort before playthrough 2 and at endgame I often found myself dying on purpose just to see how much cash was lost on respawn since it still accumulated. It just couldn’t display it all.

BL2 money wasn’t as abundant to me. Loot drops in general were stingy on giving something good. There were periods of very noticeable dry spells for loot upgrades that resulted in either buying from a machine or using golden keys. Also the game had things like the slot machine to help sink cash.

Really interesting differences in experiences.
For me in BL1, until I get over roughly lvl 35, I’m always scrapping for cash. In BL2 I feel fat with cash by lvl 10-12.
Some of this is based on what there is to buy. In BL1 the vendors often have things I want (including SDU upgrades, as I mentioned) so I’m often depleting my cash pool.
In BL2 there is rarely something I want to buy. Vendors in BL2, for me, are only for some comms (I almost alway buy my Nurse comm from a vendor) and an occasional shield.
I can count the number of weapons I’ve bought from a BL2 vendor on two hands, in BL1 it’s reasonably frequent, and I need cash.


Also, as strange as it might sound, during my first playthrough when, to be honest, I really did not know how to play it yet, I had a few times ran out of money after dying too much. It seems ridiculous now…

I just finished another run on BL2 last night, killed the Warrior at level 30. I think for those 30 levels I bought stuff from the vendors maybe 3 times. You find SO MUCH STUFF it makes vendors only useful to sell stuff, and then you don’t even have a use for the money that gets you.

I find it interesting that you can spend all money on ammo in BL2 OP8. Maybe a good solution for gold money would be scaling wallet size depending on player level, so that players don’t go on to acquire infinite amounts of money they cannot hope to spend until very end of game at OP8.

Looking forward to extra currencies, I’ve always liked eridium, moonstones, etc.

While I will say that I never spend money anyhow, what benefit does that bring to the table? It’s just a limiter that has no point.

First, I assume that shops will have much better rates in BL3, because BL2 shops makes no sense, there is almost never anything in worth spending money for.

It’d complement leveling systems. Now by leveling up you not only get more health, more powerful weapons, etc, but also your wallet size would scale up.

I don’t mean limiting wallet size with purpose to limit options, but to give more scarcity/value to gold money. Something that is excessive amounds loses all of its market value. What’s point of gold money if you can never run out of it?

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But that’s exactly what wallet size scaling is. You put a cap on how much money you can have at lower levels. You may not have intended that, but that’s what happens.

We already earn less cash at lower levels/from lower level enemies so the only way to get a ton of cash early on is from another player droping in and trading you a bunch of cash. We already have a cash scaling system and putting a limit on wallet size is just (IMO) an unnecessary limiter.

I mean, if there is just some miscommunication/interpretation of what you mean then I’d like to rectify that so we can understand each other, but the way I’m hearing you, you’re saying that the wallet should only hold so much money at each level. That means limiting how much/what you can purchase. If you wanna make money more scarce then just lower drop rates, don’t put a limit on how much you can carry.

So you mean you’d rather have all legendary weapons, full eridium and all at your disposal since beginning? It’d be limiting to have to farm for those items. You can’t have value without scarcity.

But we don’t have 999 Eridium when we start a new character. We don’t have 9999999 cash by level 8. We DO farm those. “Putting a limit on how much you can carry” doe NOT equal “scarcity of resource”.

Follow me here: If you can only carry 5 rocks at a time, but you can walk 20 meters and just grab more then the resource isn’t scarce.

Lower drop rates. Don’t limit how much you can carry.

What would be mechanism to restrict drop rates for gold money? There is unrestricted amount of equipment that players can loot and sell.

They have to farm/find that equipment though and low level items sell for a lot less. You’re not going to be finding level 48 items to sell to vendors if you’re level 6.

Literally just lower the drop chance %

In TPS loot is pretty cheap in comparison to vendor prices. Result? I keep selling more and more guns, then I find legendary in vendor and all that money is gone. Have to find and sell so many guns to keep up and miss lot of good stuff from shops due to not having enough money.

The issue is that there is choice between actively looting and selling guns and not bothering with it in the first place. If you balance game towards one of those choices then it breaks the system for other. If guns are so expensive to buy then people that doesn’t actively sell their stuff will almost never accumulate enough money to buy stuff when it appears. If you balance the other way then money loses all value.

That’d sacrifice loot in game just to make money more relevant.

You HAVE to sell your stuff. You don’t have enough inventory not to.

No. If you lower the drop rate of MONEY by a small amount then nothing else is effected except the drop rate of money. Besides, isn’t what you want to make money more relevant?