Eden-6 age and hazards

Eden-6 is my least favorite map, I don’t like some of the missions (the Clay missions seem really tacked on) and navigating the map is annoying. The rogue sight is also somewhat odd, and one of the few special mission weapon quests. Not a bad gun, but the scope is too tight.

But it is interesting to try and understand it.
First, there are a heck of a lot fo crashed ships on E-6. I mean, they’re everywhere. What is the issue with this planet that is so hazardous to so many ship’s pilots? Some bizarre field around the planet that messes up navigation gear? Jakobs anti-space guns that take out tens of smugglers? What’s the deal?
Then there are the trees. Most of those crashed ships are trapped in tree roots now. Big tree roots. So have those ships been there, say, 60-100 years, or do E-6 trees just grow at a phenomenal rate? Probably the second, since the planet is so lush, but dang those trees grow fast.

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One of Typhon’s echo stations actually makes a comment about this. I’m assuming it has something to do with the nature of Eden-6’s vault/monster. I’m also wondering if the trees and their growth is somehow related to the vault monster (much like the fact that eridium seems to sprout out of the ground more frequently near vaults than anywhere else)

Hm, I’ll have to go read transcripts. I don’t search these out.
Ah, here it is;
“There’s somethin’ funny about Eden-6. Whole lot of crashed ships, like they were being pulled to the planet. There were Eridian ruins, sure, but most of the artifacts had been picked clean by jabbers or washed away with the rains. After awhile, I came to a realization—“Typhon, if you don’t find the Vault soon, your reputation is kaput!””

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I kept the rogue sight at the end of mission. Its not to bad. Makes a good sniper.


Mine always disappears.

Hang it on your wall, then finish mission.


I noticed the same thing. You’re so right about traversing the map, it’s not a pleasant chore.

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Which one - Floodmoor Basin? I’m finding that I’m actually enjoying it more as I get to know it better. It’s a great place for pod racing, anyway!

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Yep, Floodmoor Basin. It’s growing on me though as I’ve spent close to 12 hours there over the past 2 nights trying to figure out how to get the Trial started. I have so many legendaries I want to get. I started a BL3 note that has grown to 3 pages on my phone of gear I want, where and how to get it. Needless to say, the list isn’t shrinking that fast! I’m getting plenty of legendaries, just not the ones I want/need. I’m playing as FL4K, wanted the Lyuda, I got it, but it was anointed specific for Amara, my luck!!!