Eden 6 Boss Needs a buff

Boss: “Aurelia” was a huge letdown for me even underpowered, the Anoited Goliath is a much harder boss. She’s way to slow at dealing the killing the blow. You figure against a boss with the ability to use ice a solo player facing her would be a nightmare, but no she’s like one of the top 3 easiest bosses in my book.

Now for those of you who dont know in the Prequel she was actually a DLC character. I was kinda excited to fight her. Unlike Wilhelm and Nisha who in terms of game release came after BL2 and were pulled in as playable characters for the Prequel, Aurelia is character who has been built up. I can understand Wilhelm and Nisha being as they are, but Aurelia should have been a much harder fight. At least give her a fricken gun maybe so I cant just stand in the wide open and fire away at her.

I was like oh man this is gonna be an awesome fight! Vault Hunter vs Ex-Vault Hunter. Cinematic play, oh cool special powers! Fight starts and awesome music begins (oh heck yes!!) and the whole fight is over in 3 minutes or less or at least thats how it felt on the first run. She was way to easy to kill off once you figured out her method of attack after seeing it 2 or 3 times. Unless your playing on Mayhem mode with modifiers that make playing the game blatantly unfair to begin she’s a total pushover and a waste of a good boss. You dont even get to enjoy the music…

I think they need to buff this boss, I could care less about the loot drops, she’s just a boring fight overall and needs to be stronger. (especially with how farmable the Vault is after, Aurelia should be the wall stopping you.)

If GBX should ever take up your suggestion, I seriously hope they turn down the screaming while under DoT as well…

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Yeah the screaming against bosses REALLY needs to be toned down. I can understand when you inflict it on them initially but not the whole time they under the effects

I don’t know. The Aurelia boss fight has probably the most projectiles/structures on the battlefield at a time plus additional enemies. For some Vault Hunter’s she is a breeze (a cold one^^), but if you get hit just once with her ice twisters it can keep you locked in the air, depending on your positioning. As a pet Fl4k I had more problems than I ever thought to have. On the other hand Brawl Amara just cut through her like a hot knife through butter and Moze could call Iron Bear whenever she needed to get out of the airlock.

I think that Aurelia as a boss is pretty well balanced, but definitely on the shorter side compared to other bosses. She’s no bullet-sponge, but can be a good challenge.

The thing is she spends to much time trying to heal and not enough time trying to get a killing a blow. It’s a problem when the most dangerous part about the boss is the RNG of the weapons her minions spawn in with. She needs to be tougher either with trying to break through her ice or faster animation and more agile. Most times I’ve fought her me and her never really left the center of the room.

Well, if she heals (regens her shield) she can prolong the fight by quite a bit, at least if your gear isn’t that great yet. Sure, if you have a strong shock weapon then she’ll loose her shield again in a few seconds, but by then she also already started attacking you again. It’s just a basic give and take.

What class/build did you play when you fought her? Like I said, some configurations have a much easier time than others.

Edit: Also, she doesn’t necessarily need to attack you if half the arena is covered in ice or blizzards, but there is a lot of RNG in that as well.

i’ve beaten her with siren and gunner TVHM & mayhem 2 on moze. Bout to fight her with Zane in an couple of hours. Really though all u need a decent shotgun to break through her ice shield and half decent assault rifle and a shield for your level. I dont even think i had to Iron bear against her with moze except in mayhem 2 and my siren was using phasegrasp i didnt even change it for the fight.

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Well, maybe the fight just fits you as a player? I mean, I don’t think that the fight is hard, especially if you don’t try to evade her attacks and can just tank it, but I don’t think that it’s too easy either. To be fair, I found no bosses really hard anyway, not even the ones most people seem to struggle with and I’m not that good of a player myself.

Well that could be the case, I mean i have been playing games like megaman before they were put in collection packs. I’m pretty good at recognizing attack patterns. I just felt as an ex-playable character there would be more of a challenge.

No thanks. I had enough trouble with her solo as is.

There are 2 very basic extremes of players/playstyles: Methodical ones and reflexive ones. Methodical players often have far less trouble with games that need you to recognize patterns, like the whole Soulsborne genre. I myself am a reflexive player for the most part, which leads to me having very little trouble with QTE’s or battles that rely on tight timing and good reflexes (and yes the Soulsborne games want both from the player, but pattern recognition is more important). And obviously there is a big spectrum in between those extremes. Aurelia wants both from the player but her basic attacks and moves that she herself uses are very easy to avoid if you get the patterns down. The “outer ring” of the arena has bigger tests for reflexes with the blizzards and their erratic movement as well as the other enemies.

Overall Borderlands 3 is more reflex-based than the previous games, but you will still greatly benefit from seeing patterns. Best example is the Skywell boss. If you don’t learn the patterns, then the missile barrage could easily end you.