Edit Default MP Colors in HW Classic (?)

So I think we all know what the most un-perfectest part of HW Classic’s skirmish mode was… no ability to set up the AI factions. No race selection, no color selection. But I figure the color component at least should be editable… does anyone here remember how???

You need manually edit the file Homeworld.big/teamcolors.script. Hull colors are specified by parameters BaseColor and StripeColor, and TrailColor allows to change color of trails on per-segment basis.

Thanks! I should have specified I was looking for a scripting solution… I didn’t actually think you could do it in the game or anything crazy like that, lolool. At any rate I greatly appreciate having the name of the target file!

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What do you mean? You could edit your own colour and race? Or am I missing something and you meant the enemy factions? :slight_smile:

Yeah the AI factions, heavy emphasis on the AI part. So in skirmish that would be just enemies I guess… I don’t remember being able to set an AI as an ally either. I know I can edit my own race and color, but I wanted to be able to change the enemy color defaults.