Edit: KU Is Broken And Here's Why

Here are the 2 main reasons that act together to make 1 hell of a broken KU

Early Game: KU can kill minions so well with his bola bleed damage that he can push the enemy team back so they can’t destroy the sentry (at least not the last one). Also focusing minions gets KU a lot of exp so he can get to lvl 9 faster than everyone else.

Late Game (lvl 9+): After KU lvls quickly from focusing minions then KU is now ready to go on a killing spree! KU starts stunning multiple people while everyone on his team focus fires/chain stuns the stunned enemy’s or KU can kill them alone if they are squishies or at the very least protect himself from dying. This happens repeatedly till the non-KU team gets team-wiped or enough players die that the non-KU team needs to fall back and the KU’s team pushes until they win.

Evidence: This is the game I just realized why KU is broken after I asked Bark about it when it ended. So as you can see early game he was staying back and killing minions with a total of 62 minion kills, and also stayed back so he only got 4 kills but he only had 1 death so for most of the game he was spamming that Bola so he could continue to make sure our minions were dead.

Then once he got to lvl 9 way before anyone else did, then they started to massacre us and killed both sentries.

Also you can see his total damage dealt is way higher than even ISIC’s! Which shows how well KU can wave clear.

Note: KU can be the main healer if he takes the Vigilance Protocol helix skill at lvl 2

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Not disagreeing with you but it’s broken with KU alone, not just with KU + Gal. Triple Bola + massive bleed damage + skill damage boost + stun-the-field + 1-shot minion wave. Can 100-0 solo pretty any non-tank BB as the stun wears off. My opinion is they could just put a range/bounce limit on the stun effect eg. 20m and one bounce. Something to mitigate the fact you hit both your intended target and, accidentally, the entire enemy team lol

As it stands right now, unless the KU made poor Helix choices you will lose when he hits lvl 9, which he will cuz of the massive amount of clear/assist xp he gets. Even lvl6 is a bit of a wall if they’re any good what with being able to nearly 1-shot people with bolas to the face then pinging the rest of the enemy team with bleed for icing on the cake. I like the mechanic a whole lot but it definitely shouldn’t be allowed to bounce as far as it does. Thorn’s penetration + bounce volley isn’t so bad because the damage isn’t as severe and it has to be combo’d with other things to capitalize on. KU’s bounce is unbalanced. To summarize: I think it’s awesome you can punish the hubris of a potential ganker by giving em three to the face and laughing but I don’t like that I’m also gonna hit and probably kill people I didn’t have a clue were there.

Edit: He doesn’t even need to stand back. Once he gets triple bolas he’s an assassin and is tankier than Gal, even without the stun. Idm it except for the aforementioned bounce shenanigans.

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Actually in case you didn’t know you can actually splash damage off Isic’s rotating wards with Benny’s rockets. It causes them not to reflect and him to still loose them.

It should just get a limit to how far it can travel, or an increased cooldown timer for choosing the stun helix. Right now, you can add kid ultra as a Benedict counter. Not many characters can shoot him out of the sky like that.


Yeah I think he’s broken w/o Gal I just said w/ Gal so people wouldn’t try and say that he’s not OP unless u have certain team comps or whatever, and playing w/ a Gal + KU really shows how broken KU is too. I just played another close 1 against a bad KU who bought everything to lvl and once he got to lvl 9 we got team wiped.


The “it depends on your team comp/opponents team comp” is an argument I wouldn’t even consider being as a valid point lol

I personally want the stun removed from his helix but what it can do now is incredibly broken. Like more powerful than alanis bubble used to be. It’s gotsta go

He plays so much like Alani I think the stun should remain but be limited to a slightly shorter range than that at which a Groundswell can be summoned.

I can be down with that. I was just kind of looking at it as ranged character with air damage and no fall off(I believe) that had, at worse halfway competent sustain from drones. The stun just really didn’t sit right with me in the kit in that regard. Ranged characters shouldn’t have devastating stuns

So a late game character hit late game and went on a killing spree?


It’s not that. He can start going on killing sprees at level 6. At level 9 he can assassinate someone every 10s if there are enough warm bodies available with the added side effect of accidentally stunning and bleeding every enemy anywhere near him on the map. He should have the stun, he should have the bleed, it just needs a range/bounce limitation and maybe a cooldown increase with the stun helix (double the cd length).

I love KU but his level 9 is especially unbalanced. If a KU with a brain hits level 9, you aren’t going to win.

Pillarstorm and axe mastery are late game haymaker helix with questionable levels of balance to them as well though. Bola turns into the easiest stun to land in the game and can stun multiple targets without even trying. It also does enough damage to kill a full basic shield and some health damage. All of this on a ranged character

Of course! If ya don’t like a char in this game cry OP until they get nerfed into the ground. You can always justify it with things like… ranged chars shouldn’t have stun, char shouldn’t be able to take Benny out of the air, supports shouldn’t do damage, etc… This is the way of the battleborn

Eh, he’s squishy, sacrifices good healing, no escape, wide body, slow projectile speed usually, can’t crit (ik how high his aoe damage is though), weak weak early game, him hitting level 6 and going on killing sprees isn’t that important for a character who is barely a support if you go that route.

He’s really tanky af and he’s not as much of a healer as Alani. His cd on drones precludes that so he’s really just the occasional “saviour” with To The Rescue." His support is almost entirely via the push and as a skirmisher.

Don’t get me wrong. I love KU and I love his Bolas, it’s just that I’ve tested this from both sides of the fence and it’s definitely broken.

Well just to clarify I dont really care what they do to KU. Buff the rest of his kit for all I care. But that helix isn’t balanced in anyway. It easily competes for top 3 stuns in the game.

But I can’t really abide by the idea that ranged get stuns. Like ever. Toby is one of the only ranged characters that can and you have to actually land it. One of the reasons I like melee is they usually get halfway decent cc to compensate for needing to close the gap that ranged don’t really care about

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This is correct. It isn’t KU + Galilea. It’s KU.

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The fact KU can have both the triple snare and bouncing snare is what is broken. Make players have to choose one or the other–problem solved.

It’s literally as simple as that


@yannareport Tell Greybeard that he should have invited me to the party too! :slight_smile:

I know that KU needs a rework but I’m not going to lie: seeing premade tryhard team comps like this getting crushed by this (or literally anything) does make me feel a certain level of satisfaction.


That’s the silver lining at least.