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I retract my former statements - I must have been remembering incorrectly from the Closed Beta.

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I’m a ltittle confused here, but not as confused as I think you are.

I played Thorn almost exclusively in the CTT, and I’ve still played her almost exclusively in the Open Beta. There is almost no change between the two. The movespeed when running through blight was never a passive, it was always on her helix.

500% movespeed nerf? She would have negative move speed if that were the case. She is still probably THE fastest battleborn in the game. I’m always the first one out of the gate when games start, and you get her blight speed boost at level 2, making her crazy fast. Her Burst Propulsion Helix, which you get at level 3 gives you crazy mobility on the battlefield and lets you reach places that only Benedict can also reach. Then you get high jump at 7, and it’s even crazier.

Even though Thorn doesn’t have a shield, she isn’t that squishy and she’s also pretty hard to pin down.

You must be talking about only PvE, in which case you shouldn’t be near melee enemies to begin with.

Also, “VAST” removal of more than half the jump pads in the “missions”.
There was only ONE mission, and it only lost jump pads at Geoffe.

All in all, sounds like you’re playing her wrong.


I acclimated to the changes, although it took a while.

Another thing I noticed is all characters are a lot closer to the ground in their first person views now as well, which was throwing me off a bit.