Edited: THREE things you should know about Aria

Firstly, she only takes an extra 50% damage from critical hits, like Battleborn, as opposed to x3 (+200%) like all other NPC enemies.

Secondly, she’s quite easy to kill with a ranged character. Simply walk backwards firing, that’s it. She’ll usually just get stuck slowly advancing on you, if she teleports to you just keep doing what you’re doing. If you want to be extra cheeky and get her stuck in a skill loop, advance on her until she starts an attack animation then back away, rinse and repeat. You can literally lock her in place, or lock her into one movement/animation, and freely attack her without being attacked back.

Edit: THIRDLY, you can pesudo-stun her into an animation with a melee character as well by circle-strafing her, I did this with Phoebe and @supersawnick has done it with Pendles, apparently Aria’s base movement is too slow to keep up, or at least that is my theory based on what I have observed.

@JoeKGBX I think this may require some attention, I doubt she is intended to be so easily killed by exploiting her movement mechanics, no other boss can be manipulated in this way.


She also has a nice butt to stare at :slight_smile:. Now we know which between the two sisters has better assets if you catch my drift.

Bad puns aside, that’s been the strategy I’ve been using. Works like a charm, especially for Marquis.


Imo, Aria isn’t much a problem to avoid, the bigger problem is the countless amount of adds and grenades to avoid


Yeah. The incessant one shoting and endless adds are really ■■■■■■■ me and my friends over. I hate the thralls with the shields the most. -____-


It was a lot of fun playing through the new DLC story mission with you today @Slif_One !

offtopic as hell but kinda Aria-related -

Has anyone else recognized that she has the same voiceactress as Tac from “Invader Zim”?! Its so freaking amazing!!! :smile:
I need to find out if its really the same VA!

On-topic: Anyone else noticed when her immunity against aoe-damage kicks in? I know she is shielded in certain phases, but in some occasions she seemed immune to my AoE even without any shield animation o.o


Indeed, I’m loading up my tenth straight match now lol.

Nice to meet ya by the way :slight_smile:

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'Twas a pleasure, sir.

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For melees, you can just walk in a circle and back off when she does her ground slam.

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Sir? Why how kind of you sir!

I played eleven straight matches, ten to get to 50 ops points and one for the “Thrall of Thralls” title, also got all titles and taunts, and the second skin for Ambra and S&A.

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I found that the circling thing works for all melees, she doesn’t turn fast enough to react to the attacks. hell even circling with ranged heroes still works, she needs to have more reactive turning.
(I know the strats cheeky but someone has to be cheeky to fix the cheeky strats)

She kills Theodore the dog ! revenge !!!

I kinda caught a vibe of the actress who voiced Gaige from Borderlands 2 onwards

@Jythri, may we please have a name for Sister Aria’s actress?

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Well, time to exploit her slow movement with melee characters as long as it’s still possible lmao
I noticed that with Pendles too. She’s too slow to keep up when you are circling her… Well, which is actually good because solo with melee would be pretty damn hard if she could.

That’s awesome! :smiley:

I´m still not sure, I found no proof so far.
Taks VA is Olivia d´Abo, but Battleborn is not on her project lists yet… Also tied to find out if Aria may have the same VA as Gaige from BL2 (Cherami Leigh), but could not find more actual lists with her projects.

@Jythri can you tell us who is the voice behind Sister Aria? :heart:

I don’t know the exact reason, but for me melee heroes seem easier than ranged against her. Even without circle-straifs and stuff. Maybe it is the combination of damage+survivability if I push her to her hext phase before she becomes a problem…

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@Ganjamira @ArmoredElder I can’t find any evidence of who it might be, perhaps they reused one of the actresses? When I played as Phoebe, I noticed how similar her voice is to Aria’s, so perhaps Elizabeth Maxwell?

This isn’t my Phoebe bias speaking either… But it probably is.

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Ok, I’ve been doing the mission exclusively with melee characters now and true?! She was pretty easy to defeat at 100 OPs with all of them. I feel like I had a harder time with Alani than with Rath, which is weird.

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