Editing asteroids

I have little experience editing models. I want to edit “asteroid_1” and “asteroid_2” (note the underscores in the names) such that they have a resource latch point on them. Which tools would I use to accomplish this? Thanks.


Also, is it still not possible to edit HODs created by Gearbox?


I tried DAEnarys but was unable to find an “import” command.

You cannot edit 2.0 HODs. The following process would work I think:

  1. Use RODOH to create a dae file from the HW2C asteroid HOD file.

  2. Use the latest cfhoded to extract the asteroid textures from the HWRM HOD file.

  3. Open the dae file in blender (using the HWRM import plugin) or daenerys. Apply the HWRM textures instead of the HW2C textures.

  4. Modify the latch points

  5. Save/export the dae file.

  6. Run HODOR to generate the HWRM HOD file.

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Which tool do I use for this?

DAEnerys or Blender, depending on which tool you’re using.

I was able to convert the old “asteroid_1” HOD file to DAE using RODOH. In DAEnerys the asteroid looks pitch black, however. Is this supposed to be the case? OTOH, after I convert the old “asteroid_5” HOD file the model is completely white in DAEnerys.


Also, I was unable to extract the textures from the new HWRM HOD file. What version CFHoded are you using?

I think it’s cfhoded 4…

Have you got the texture files in the same directory as the dae file?

I am using CFHODED located here:

When using RODOH to convert “asteroid_1” and “asteroid_5” I get an “Unable to find map for shader [resource]” or “Unable to find map for shader [resourceNM]” error respectively, and none of the textures are exported.

I managed to get “asteroid_1” to convert to dae using RODOH, but its not good news. Applying the HWRM textures, it looks like the mesh (or at least the UV maps) have changed for HWRM… I was hoping that the mesh and uv map would not have changed since HW2, which is true for the HW2 ships.

So it looks like the method I proposed will not work :frowning:

@radar3301 are you able to modify asteroid latch points within the HOD files using your magic powers?

I noticed the texture issue too. I think the texture is being applied to each of the six cardinal directions, like a cube. This does not necessarily mean the underlying geometry has changed since HW2, though. (But maybe it has.)

I think you can add/remove points in the “Joints” tab of DAEnerys. But I’m not sure a template for resource latch points exists.

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Sastrei helped me by converting the asteroids to OBJ format which I could then import into DAEnerys. I guess it’s the only method possible.

Also, the “full” and “depleted” effects require additional textures that GearBox never bothered creating for “asteroid_1” and “asteroid_2”, since they contain zero RUs and cannot be latched onto by a resource collector by default.


As an addendum, make sure to use TGA textures since DAEnerys will ignore/omit DDS when saving the object. The TGA images need to be mirrored vertically as well.

I’m having a problem now where the asteroid meshes disappear too quickly when I zoom out. Which settings can I configure to keep the meshes visible longer?

Does the size of the mesh matter? They are really small. About the size of a HGN resource collector.


I think it’s to do with the LOD. There should be a line in the .resource file to manage that. For instance I think if you comment out these lines in asteroid_1.resource that will solve it:


Thanks! I was also able to find descriptions for these parameters here: