Editing FX particles

Hello, Im trying to edit particle effects but in the FX Tool textures are just white boxes.I tried to edit both remastered and original HW2 but no change.I also tried to load new particles from other mods but then it just crashed.Every texture seems to be in place so I dont know where is the problem.Does anyone know how to make it work?Please help.Thanks.

In my experience I have never gotten textures to work in the tool, I use it as a preview of the timing, size and shape of the animation only. Most edits are through text file edits, especially when creating the structure of the particle FX (though it is useful to use the tool for establishing curves and picking colors)

Also I get a crash any time there is a referenced . ANIM file for a texture, so I usually do that as the last step once I am happy with the animation shape