Editing skirmish cpu attack waves

I’m learning to mod existing files and currently trying to get the Vaygr cpu to send better and more varied units as opposed to the endless waves of bombers and frigates it throws at my wall of destroyers and cruisers. cpu also seems to only build cruisers but there’s almost a complete absence of destroyers. The cpubuild file seems to have everything but i’m not sure what’s what. Any clue how to adjust that file? Whatever help would be greatly appreciated.

You may play a little with the Ship demands inside the ai_build file, like
ShipDemandAdd( kBattleCruiser, 0.85 )
ShipDemandAdd( kDestroyer, 0.35 )
Look for them, edit, and test.

Also you can change some of the:
these are found inside each ship file and are used to determine which ship the ai should build depending on the situation.

And I forgot to mention that in cpumilitary you can change the size of the AI waves and some other parameters.