Editing Squadron size in Homeworld 2 RM

Hey everyone,
I used to change the Hiigarian Interceptor squadron size from 5 to 4, but the value I used to edit “Squadronsize” seems to have changed since the new .ship file lists it as 1. Does anyone know how I can change the squadron size for interceptors to be 4 instead of 5?


NewShipType.buildBatch=getShipNum(NewShipType, “buildBatch”, 5)

and in hgn_interceptor\deathmatch\props:

buildBatch = 5,

Addendum: cant seem to get a squadron size greater than 12, is that hard-coded into the batch system?

If you can’t make more than 12, it’s probably that, yes.

BitVenom put a hard cap on the squadron size to make sure it works smoothly. For instance Laser Corvettes just wouldn’t work in higher numbers in the Cross formation, because the width of the formation was bigger than their attack range and they literally couldn’t target and make a turn when they’re together.

its seems more and more that the entire concept of my mod was based around hw2 squadron behavior that simply no longer exists, cheers for your help pouk. time for a major rethink.

I wasn’t looking into it, I didn’t have a reason yet, I just adopted the new system.

But …I think you can just use some old formation files and amp the formation size (not batch size) back up. No? Somebody confirm or deny this.

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This is all great info! Thank you so much everyone!

I can definitely confirm this.

It’s pretty epic watching a group of bombers in my “goose” formation tear through frigates and cap ships. :slight_smile:

Edit: If I get ambitious enough, I’ll post a video of it.