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Hi All

I have had the games for many years, playing on and off but recently gotten my teeth into the game and DLC’s this past two months.

I am constantly discovering builds, gear etc in game and on here especially stuff like Zero’s bore and discussion and recently came across the money shot effect for Gunzerker using rocket launcer and pimpernal.

Is there anyother bits of stuff like this or things I should look up and try for any characters.

My favourtie characters are gunzerker and gaige but I am trying them all and yet to do the digistruck peak as I want high level quality build and gear before attempting.

Thanks for everything on here guys, this is amazing community and advice here and I look forward to Borderlands 3

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Does the gear have red text? Can you put points in that skill? Then you should try it.

Much of the discussions about what does and does not work tends to revolve around playing in UVHM, especially the later OP levels, at which point the game scaling is… skewed. If you’re in Normal or even True mode, almost everything works; it’s up to you to decide if you think it’s fun. If you have a specific piece of gear or skill that you come across and are curious about the mechanics behind it, just ask.

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You already got two good answers. One more area with a lot of useful resources is this one:

In general, if you have questions about tactics, mechanics, or characters, there’s almost certainly a relevant thread somewhere in the #borderlands-2 area of the forums.

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thats fantastic thank you

Awesome thank you