Effects of Gear Transfering to Vehicles

(This started in Random Info, which is why the first post is out of order).

We all know a Bee shield will transfer its damage boost to vehicle’s guns (but not rockets or blades).
We also know a Love Thumper will add considerable damage to blades until the novae blow the vehicle up.

But what about other gear? Guns? Relics? COMs? Other shields?

A list so far of what works :

  • COMs with melee boost (Ninja) will boost a tech’s blades.
  • COMs with grenade boost (Grenadier) will boost a tech’s barrels.
  • Explosive relics will boost a tech’s barrels.
  • Bladed weapons will boost a tech’s blades - the gun you have equipped when you enter the vehicle will be the one that affects the blades.
  • The Grog Nozzle can transfer its drunk effect (I’ve only observed a racer’s rockets, but apparently bullets from a racer’s guns can too).
  • All guns will transfer their crit bonus to bullets - the gun you have equipped when you enter the vehicle will be the one that affects the bullets. The Lady Fist’s effect is dramatic!
  • Bee shield will add its damage to any guns (but not blades, rockets or barrels).
  • Love Thumper will add its damage to blades…but also its nova self-damage which will blow the vehicle up quickly.
  • BAR
  • Krieg’s Pain is Power and Silence the Voices (only).

What doesn’t work :

  • regular amp shields and roid shields other than the LT.
  • character skills (except Krieg’s PiP & StV).
  • Blockade’s damage reduction, Antagonist’s reflection, Impaler’s spikes.

To be determined :

  • Adaptive shields (including Neo, Evo). The “adaptation” sound will proc while driving but it’s not known if there’s any transferring of resistance. So far it seems like it doesn’t.
  • Rough Rider’s DR. So far it seems like it doesn’t either.
  • Guns like the Orc and Ogre that have random behaviour like the GN.


I did some testing in a catapult T with Axton, with and without an explosive relic (at 34%).

Kinda hard to test (and the barrels do more damage on a direct hit so there’s some splash going on here.) But it kinda looks like the relic boosts it.

Hitting a level 73 Monarch spiderant, direct hit with a barrel, no explosive relic, no COM, no BAR, no skills:

Hard to see but it hits for 2387K.

Again, but with the 34% explosive relic equipped, direct hit:


I then put on his regular Leg Soldier COM and spent all his skill points in the usual places (including the ones that boost grenade and rocket damage) and it still did the 3189K damage:

Forgot to check if turning on BAR did anything. :clown_face:


This requires more testing but…

The Grog Nozzle can lend its drunk effect to racer rockets :

It seems none of my screenshots were very good but you can the two smoke plumes. I was co-oping with @Kurtdawg13 with my Ninja who always has a Grog in slot one ; and every once in a while I noticed two rockets would fire with wild inaccuracy. It would do this for a while then stop…just like a Grog.

I’m sure someone mentioned technicals’ blades get added damage from melee skills? Anyone know if this is true?


I cannot confirm this, but isn’t it known that Sawblade kills from technicals make bullymong fur for the Bad Hair Day sidequest? If that is the case it would make sense that they would get melee buffs too. Between that and the amp damage from shields being applied to bullets from vehicles I’m now wondering about roid damage for the sawblades and Love Thumper novae (I may test this now, actually. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a Thumper somewhere.). Maybe this is the deep dive that vehicles need.


The Love Thumper does increase roid damage as long as it’s down. The nova will blow the tech up in a few shots though - so not super useful :grin:

Other roid shields don’t work because they need to be down.

Also, obviously the Bee works but I’m not sure if other amp shields work.

Sense?! In this game?!? :rofl:


And up thread you’ll see discussion of Bee amp damage being applied to a runner’s guns (my favourite ride with Axton for that reason!)


I could swear I learned about the amp damage transfer from somewhere (citation needed, but don’t expect that level of diligence from this lazy lump) that said regular amp shields work and there’s no amp drain, so that in a vehicle any amp shield was like the Bee. In other news, I took (Im)Patient Zer0 to look at the possibility of melee skill transfer. I did it by com switching. I have 1 point in Iron Hand for the Leg Hunter but switch between it and a leg Killer, and I think I saw a difference. I was seeing 1062 with 1 point and 1172 with 6. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention and the numbers aren’t quite right, but I think that is roughly 10-11% difference, which is kinda, sorta, not really close to the difference in Iron Hand (3% at 1 point and 18% at 6), and there is a little damage reduction at OP2. So maybe?


I loaded up my OP8 Ninja at OP4 and targeted only level 77 bullymongs (there were some 76’s).
Nothing spec’d ; no gear equipped ; BAR off :

Hard to read but 778K.

Then equipped his Legendary Ninja COM which has +64% melee damage :

1276K (778 x 1.64 = ~1276).

Then spec’d all of his melee skills as I normally would and it was the same :

Edit :

@paulothead - I just tried a white amp shield and it did nothing : no amp noise, no damage increase.


So the bonus from the com applies, but not from the skills? Then did I imagine the numbers on mine? I wish I was set up for video capture so my testing could be peer reviewed and more empirical.
Edit: @Jefe You mean the internet lied to me? Oh my god!? :scream: :wink:


It could be that you had two different level enemies (say 73 and 74 - whose DR would make the difference in your numbers which is very roughly 10%).


See now, that makes sense. I suppose it’s pretty obvious that my measuring stick is generally “Are they dying fast enough for my taste?”, and that I’m new to the whole numbers/testing stuffs.




Does it make any difference if you equip the rapier?


Good question :

With Rapier :

3830K (1276 x 3 = ~3830). Between the COM and Rapier, damage is almost quintupled.

With bladed Grog :

1915K (1276 x 1.5 = 1915)


I remember this became really apparent when one of my Kriegs started ripping things to shreds in a sawblade technical. :smiley: I never did any proper science though.

The Blockade also apparently lends its damage reduction to vehicles. Again, I haven’t done any proper science but you hear the shield’s sound effect go off and the vehicle seems to take less damage from attacks.


I do wonder about shields. All adaptives make that sound when they proc elemental resistance but who knows if it’s actually being applied to the vehicle?


One thing I’ve been meaning to test out is if the explosive barrels get any kind of boost from anything.


I thought I remembered the bladed T getting crazy when I equipped the full melee Zer0 load-out but I never looked into which gear affected it or not. Good to know. That should help vs sand worms. I always felt like I was just throwing rocks at them, using normal vehicle firing. And if you run over them at OP8 you might as well start walking.


That would be interesting. Grenadier or Crunch COM? (actually the first is grenade damage ; the second is explosive damage - wonder if it makes a difference).
Maybe an explosive relic too?



Grenadier COM with 47% grenade boost works.

Naked :


With Grenadier :

6220K which is a 47% increase.

Also BAR makes a difference. Mine’s at 20% :