Effects of Gear Transfering to Vehicles

(Dandroid16) #22

I’m 99% sure the lady fist/Hawkeye give their crit bonus to the runner machine gun. I’ve barely ever used the fibber and its bonus isn’t on the card so I’m not sure about it.

Edit: I realize this is not exactly news, but still. Lady fist effect is listed on the wiki, but not the Hawkeye or fibber.

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Confirmed with the Lady Fist (it was pretty difficult to get screenshots with this one so you’ll have to do without).

Edit : Grog works too.
2nd edit : all guns can boost the crit damage. I tried with a sniper and got its crit boost with both guns (the front gun and the turret).

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For everything, I believe all that matters is that the weapon is in your hands when you enter the vehicle. (Cited from my memory while in solo play/driver seat)

It affects (at least one of) the machine guns too. And doesn’t cause decreased fire rate.

Since the Grog Nozzle works, the Orc and Ogre probably work too. If nothing else, the bullet split effect.

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Tried that : correct you are :+1:
Will update the posts. Thanks.

Same thing with the Lady Fist, etc. it seems. The gun you have equipped when you enter is the one that affects the turret’s crit damage.

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Interesting! This is similar to your tests with Zer0, where the COM bonus will work, but skills don’t, if I’m reading all this right. Seems to be aligned with where Axton’s grenade damage boosting skills like Steady don’t seem to add anything either.

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In retrospect, it’s probably the Legendary Sickle’s melee bonus coming into play here.

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I’ve got some confusing info for you then.

I tested Zer0 at OP8 against a level 80 bullymong and it was 952K with the blade.

Then I tested my Hellborn Krieg as he was and it was 1190K.
When I removed all his skill points it was 952K.
So I spec’d Mania and got 3570K.

So, Krieg’s skills affect the blade ; and Zer0’s don’t :confused:

(Rumplebunny) #29

Did some testing with the Blockade.

A technical’s health starts as so, 5295464:

I let a monglet beat once on my technical, first with a Blockade on:

5213905 after taking a hit.

And then a Big Boom Blaster:


So, you hear the Blockade’s sound effect, but no damage reduction is actually taking place. At least with monglet punches anyway. :smiley:

(Side note: Three Horns is a much saner place to test stuff like this, the Dust has too many jackholes like random bandit technicals and buzzards flying around getting in the way and being annoying heh. :smiley: )

(Rumplebunny) #30

I’m thinking it might be because of the way the game treats Krieg’s built-in melee bonus like a bladed weapon. Hmmm!

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Initially I thought that must be it : the Krieg Bonus

But why would there be a difference between his Hellborn build and his Mania build? And why is a naked Krieg the same as a Zer0?
It’s got to be the fact that I added Strip the Flesh and that Empty the Rage was what gave it the initial boost over Zer0.

Naked Krieg’s number was 952.
Hellborn Krieg’s (who would have had EtR) number was 1190.
Mania Krieg’s (w/ StV) number was 3570 which is exactly triple.

I can’t see what other skills would affect it : Salt the Wound requires incoming damage. PiP could affect it as you don’t have to be on fire.

(Rumplebunny) #32

Hmmm. Krieg’s melee has some obvious quirks, and that reminds me, so does Gaige (like she doesn’t hit crystalisks as hard as other characters… in fact doesn’t Krieg have this weird quirk too?) I wonder if her melee skills add anything. :thinking:

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Pain is Power got it to 1190. 5/5 gives 25% (952 x [1+0.25] = 1190).
Silence the Voices got it to 3570. 5/5 gives 250%. (so altogether 952 x [1+0.25+2.5] = 3570).

No other skills seem to work (including Empty the Rage).

Edit : I drove up to a stinging cactus and triggered it by shooting it with no shield equipped ; a Rough Rider equipped ; and then an Evo. By the time the cactus finished, the damage to the vehicle was the same in all three tests. I’m not convinced this is legit though (the Evo never made the “adaptive” sound) - need to test damage from an actual enemy…somehow…

By the way, I’m updating the OP as we go.

(Rumplebunny) #34

A friendly neighborhood Bullyrot might be able to help out, but of course he’ll probably do anything but try to get a corrosive DOT on you because they’re jerkbags. :smiley:

Edit: a Demong might be an easier choice since they always spawn by the FT in Eridium Blight…


COMs working… cool, never thought of that for some reason. So any COM boosting crit or gun damage should boost vehicle gunturret damage too?

Grog drunk effect goes to everything. Drunk catapult barrels are glorious. For some reason I never thought the weapon matters even though I’ve known of grogs drunk effect for a long time. Time to put a Ladyfist in the backpack for some of the car areas. I’d imagine Ogre works but you’d need to proc it before entering the vehicle similar to grog, though this is just a headtheory.

I’ve always been curious about Blockade in cars but never tried it out since Bee-turrets are a thing. I doubt Antagonist would proc slagballs but that could be interesting to test out also.

I’d guess Captain Blades curses also affect you while you are in a car.

(Rumplebunny) #36

Yeah, I’ve run Antagonists often enough on many characters and I’ve never seen a slag ball proc from a vehicle. Though seeing if bullet reflection is a thing might be worth investigating. :smiley:

Edit: tested it, it’s not a thing. :frowning:

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I also tested an Impaler - I thought it might do something because it works so differently from other spikes - but it doesn’t.

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I thought I’d derail this thread a bit, and insert some TPS. Everything concerning BL 2 seems to be covered anyway. Quite a few things that I was unaware of there. So… TPS!

The Ack Ack oz kit transfers the flak to laser buggys. Quite effective against shugguraths.

Now, let’s get back to BL 2 again!

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Well since you brought it up…
I don’t play TPS much (meaning ever) but doesn’t the Eddie constantly go off when you’re in a vehicle? Does it do anything or is just bluster like adaptive shields?

(Community Jackass) #40

I’ve never tested it properly, but I’d wager that it boosts the laser on the buggies.

Me neither! Once a year, or so, I give it a shot, but I tire of it very fast. BL 2 has an enormous depth to it that TPS simply doesn’t have. But it’s fun to play every once in a while.

(Dandroid16) #41

Once you take a few characters to max level and acquire some of their best load-outs, there just isn’t much challenge. Whereas in BL2, that’s just the start of your challenge. Lol

And yeah, back OT, I think I remember the Eddie also applying its shock tether effect while in vehicles.

I wonder if slam damage in the stingray is affected by oz kits. Another thing I never really messed with.