EGS cloud synchronisation purely and simply deleted all my caracter and profil saves after 40+ hours of playtime

is there anyway to get them back or do i ask for a refund? sick of this launcher and all its problem it killed my will to play borderlands, better forget about it for 5 months and buy it on steam if i have to redo everything, at least steam doesnt delete my progress

I’m sorry your characters are gone, and there is no way to recover them apparently. It’s amazes my though that people still have cloud sync enabled after two weeks where this happened to a lot of people.

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you know, i m not really expecting such thing to happen idk maybe i m not used to EGS enough, the fatc that its a common issu is unacceptable idk how they get along with that

If you have any backup program running on your Documents folder there is still a chance. You might be able to use said backup program to restore the save files at \Documents\My Games\ Borderlands 3 \ Saved \ SaveGames.

Windows 10 should automatically have Onedrive back up your documents folder, if that’s the case you can use Onedrives version control to restore files. If you have Windows file history enabled that too will allow you to restore a savegame from before EGS ■■■■■■ up.

thanks man i ve tried recuva and it didnt find my old files