Ein zwei Die going from 50 to 25 Ouch!

He can still output shittons of damage, provide a ■■■■■■■ massive amount of utility as well as defending himself and allies compared to say Toby. The fact that Marquis hasn’t been Toby’d should be viewed as a blessing of sorts and not taken lightly

I think they went wrong on this problem… maybe if they thought it is to strong they should have decreased the time the counter stays up for it.

This way out running it in PvP would be easier AND I could keep my 50 % for story runs which I spent my most time in.

If they went that route, going up for 50 % and decreasing the time his skill marks enemies, I would gladly play him again, but with the Hot Fix which decreased his Health AND Sniper damage it really gets hard to enjoy playing as him.

Still doable, but if you take away the fun of playing a character, why even bother playing it? Huge cast means lot of fun to pick from.

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Exactly. He was my main for a long time. Dropped him like a hot potato after the hot ‘fix’