Eins, Zwei, Die and Such

So, Marquis passive. When first playing him, I figured that shooting two pistol shots and then a third with the sniper rifle would deal the most damage. Is this true? Does it matter whether or not the pistol applies the passive, or is it just always the scoped damage applied through the passive?

I don’t think it matters. Once they are marked the bonus applies to 3rd shot. If possible use the scope for last shot ar it does more damage.

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Okay that was my question. Whether a scoped shot does more damage or if it was worth it to use one to activate the third hit of his passive

How did you measure it?

I didnt. Just what seemed like the most sense. I’m wondering if anyone here had cuz I don’t wanna play weirdly for no benefit

The shot’s before marking don’t matter it’s only the last shot that counts the bonus damage.

Oh, I get that. I’m just wondering if we know if Einz Zwei Die is 25% of a scoped shot, or 25% of the shot you use to activate it. If the former, pistoling is stronger. If the latter, two pistol shots and a scoped shot is best

In terms of dps it might be worth exploring. The speed of the first two shots lets you pump out the powerful third shot at a faster rate. I’ll run the numbers later

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Ooh, new icon. And yeah, if I had the know how to do so I would, but I don’t, so I’m grateful that you can. Sadly, in the end, it may not be worth it though even if it does work. You don’t wanna be using your scope close range and vice versa anyways. Still good to know

Close range you can quick scope with Marquis pretty easily, so 2 pistol shots (or 1 with the helix) then a quick scoped payoff shot works pretty well.

Long range, if I remember the pistol shots are not hit scan, so even though rate of fire is faster you probably don’t gain much due to projectile travel time, and the fact that the primer pistol shots are gonna be weaker than primer rifle shots.