Eista Drop Rates

Can we get a better drop rate with Eista pls. I mean it would be a nice little reward for being invested into the DLC2 if we could reliably farm this guy fir good legendary items.

I would farm Amach or Xam/Tom instead for DLC2 items. The drops I get from Eista are abysmal compare to the other two I mentioned.

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By far I’ve had the most success with the Empowered Grown. From class mods to the Old God Shields, that’s my favorite farm. Plus he’s super easy to kill, no shield. Get a fire lob or something and destroy him. Only issue is the long trek to the end of negul Neshai to get to him.

Here here. I’m really glad he got some dedicated drops assigned but every time he says to help yourself to the “armory” I want to slap someone. Two chests is not an “armory”; its a “slightly more loot than fits in a single chest.” He needs some love. At least more gear dropping from him defeat. Averaging 2-3 greens and maybe a purple. You do 3 side missions to get him to this state and then fight him and thats the yield. You can just trip on the Fungal Gorger and he drops 2 legendaries and 3-4 purps at a time consistently.