El Dragon _Make it Clap PVP Build

I’m posting this here in hope for other players ESPECIALLY those that are new to the game can figure out how to use El Dragon. I’ve seen many cases where he was not used correctly and people struggled to learn tactics with him. Video Attached is a match I played with here I’ll post the link here as well as at the end.

First of all El Dragon is a skirmisher mean he should be in and out of fights before his health drops below 40%. If you do this you should be able to get to a heal station on time in order to maximize your lane time.

Second use for El Dragon is to clear minions at first and not focus on player until you have cleared at least 2 waves of minions getting full stacks to increase your damage out put.

Once this is done feel free to start engaging enemies as long as your lane is cleared first. I strongly recommend that an melee character has another person on their lane helping with ads, preferably someone ranged like thorn or oscar mike.

When you do engage enemies do not over extend. What I mean by this is do not push so far forward into the lane that they can build an accelerator to slow you down, their ads attack you before your ads, or your past their grinder near their thumper turret. IF you are in this kind of situation you will most likely die.

As far as skill go, I am on xbox and this is the helix build I go with:
lvl 1 RT
lvl 2 LT
lvl 3 LT (Ad clearing)
lvl 4 RT
lvl 5 LT
lvl 6 LT
lvl 7 RT
lvl 8 RT
lvl9 LT
lvl 10 LT - USE RT is your behind and you need to push lanes.

Once you hit lvl 3 and upgrade you can use your secondary attack which is an AOE attack with slightly larger range than your melee. This is useful for ad clearing and attacking player who are grouped up.

At level 5 when you get your ult. most people fail to realize that the stun with Dragon Splash only works if you use it after activating your ultimate ability.

Another tip is, if your having trouble using clothsline, than use it as a means to escape a fight if your health is reaching 40%!

Some useful items to have are anything with attack speed, attack damage, skill cooldown time, dmg reduction, and skill damage.(In that order)

I hope we can discuss other build potentials this is just beginner tactics so feel free to apply your input (positive please) to help others out. El Dragon is a powerhouse in the right hands. IF you have time feel free to check out my video of me going 12- 1 in a meltdown match and how fast we win!

The slow on the first helix is crucial. With it you’re able to slow, knock up, and stun anyone with ease once you reach level 5. It also helps for clearing minions about to enter the grinder, running enemies, or early kills. The damage reduction isn’t worth it because of how short of a period of time you’ll be in clothesline.

Also, at level 9, Lifeline is ABSOLUTELY needed. it allows you to gain full health on a wave of minions and makes you just about impossible to kill.

I also disagree on gear. A damage reduction and Max health gear will also take away your squishiness and they are so important. Your DPS is high enough, and extra health, dmg reduction, and movement speed make you very hard to kill in combination with your level 5,6, and 9 helix choices.

With this I’ve been able to get over 25 kills and zero or one death many times with ease.

NIce Input , I will definately have to check this kind of build out for him!