El Dragon and (general) damage resistance stacking

After running around as the Dragon for a while now, I thought I knew how his DR worked, and how DR worked in general. I always assumed that DR stacks additively (meaning a 20% + 8.4% + 4.2% would leave you with a total of 32.6% resistance.)

However after found some testing it turns out that isn’t the case. It’s actually multiplicative meaning the 20%+ 8.4% + 4.2% actually gives you 1 - (0.8 x 0.916 x 0.958) = 29.8% resistance.

I tested with an El Dragon using the thrall’s knock up attack, and the numbers don’t work out exactly but are much closer with multiplicative than with additive. Surprisingly this is also the case with his L5 helix. You’d expect 35% reduction with full stacks but you actually get a 1-(0.8x0.85) equalling 32%.

Thrall attack - 94
4 stacks (8% dr) - multiplicative expectation (ME)= 86. Additive expectation (AE) = 86. Actual =86
10 stacks(20%dr) Me=75 AE=75 Actual=77
10 stacks with heavyweight(20 + 15dr) Me=64 AE=61 Actual=66
10 stacks with hw and primary DR gear(20 +15+8.2) ME=59 AE=53 Actual=61
10 stacks with hw and primary and secondaryDR gear(20 +15+8.2+3.87) ME=56AE=49 Actual=58

You can see that the actual DR gained is slightly less than you’d expect however it is worked out, but that may just be rounding error.

It means that I’ve been running around thinking I’ve been at 50%dr when it’s actually been around 40%. So technically whenever one of you have killed me, it wasn’t my fault and therefore doesn’t count.

I expect a lot of you already knew this, but I didn’t so I assume others didn’t as well. And I haven’t seen another thread about it.


Nice to see another Toby main join the forums. :slight_smile:

Looks like you have Toby covered yourself. 2 seems like overkill. :smile:

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Don’t forget that thrall damage scales up as the game progresses.

Thrall Crusher, Thrall Guard, and Super Minion health and damage increases every 3 minutes

So based on the general knowledge, Dragon at 10 stacks with Heavy Weight and a perfect blue DR gear should look like this.

Damage Taken*(1-(0.2+0.15))*(1-0.084)*(1-0.042)= Final damage taken

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@Supernovasnipe we have some testing to do.

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I always made sure to get hit by the thrall directly before and after making any changes, and I didn’t notice a general increase over time. I might be wrong, but I expect it’s knock up attack doesn’t increase.

Too busy trying to break the game with dragon in other ways. We will look into this shortly.

Did you start testing the moment your gloves turned gold? Because you might have been at 9 stacks because there is no visual difference between 9 and 10 stacks.

Aah, I never knew that. That could be it. I’ll try again later

It could also be explained if the stacks themselves are multiplicative, this will give you only 18,3% DR instead of 20%.

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Dr from the same source is (to the best of my knowledge) always additive. Different sources becomes multiplicative

Until you do a follow up test, he may have something blaine. The game may treat it the same way it treats a blue DR gear.

94*(1-.082)*(1-.0387)*(.965^10)= 58.0901650666

Technically it should have been rounded up, but maybe it’s too small to round up. Or one of the UI decimals is off.

Actually the more I look at it, the more it seems that this is the case.

Especially since with the old formula, he is only supposed to be taking 54 damage.

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Just tried again pre Heavy weight and post heavyweight, straight after each other. Damage went from 77 to 66, which is a 15.7% decrease. If it was additive you would expect an 18.75 percent decrease (80:65 =100:81.25) with a damage of 62, where as multiplicative, a straight 15%.

@ZenDisk appears to be right. 94 x 0.98^10 is 77, and 94x0.965^10 is 66. Bang on the money.

Seems legit :joy: