El Dragon at 100 OPs

It was obvious for any PVE player that El Dragon’s changes were absolutely unnecessary for him, he was perfectly balanced, full melee glass cannon, and what you proposed to do to him would stomp him into dirt.

I just broke my death count record with 5 deaths in the boss fight and previous parts weren’t silk either. Two elite bots with a challenge of dodging hovertank attacks - all I could do was to stand far aside letting Attikus do all the work, and even hide behind a column because a single grenade or half a second gun burst were a death sentence to El Dragon. This is not what an attacker should do!

I don’t know how I pulled the boss fight with only 5 spare lives, it seemed like a pure luck. While my average death count with other characters is around 1, I was dying constantly and there was little I could do. I kited bosses and mobs, I was running like, yeah, like a headless chicken and cleared every chest in that hall to fill my HP to save me from death for at least a little bit.

@JoeKGBX, @Jythri, @gRANT_, I want to see the man responsible for this stupidest and most senseless humiliation of a well balanced character to run this mission at 100 OPs with El Dragon because he obviously had zero clue of what he was doing and how it will affect an important part of the game. Or just state this game is PVP-oriented (as many players speculate) and that’s why ignoring PVE needs and balance is normal thing and we shouldn’t expect anything else.

There are million ways to fix PVE balance issues, I don’t know which one you take, but what is going on now is a complete bs.


And then there are these regular runs with other characters:

Another full melee:

Melee hybrid with not-so-great HP pool and not-so-great damage:

Close quarters fighter with big hitbox:

Even unreasonably nerfed the squishiest Mellka with an accuracy of a blind grandma clearly has something for this fight (she can do better, btw):

Compared to every character I played so far El Dragon is completely broken and is in a very poor state.

Upd: Bonus:


I played this mission with El Dragon too. First time I was doing well, but the skill challange with the ELite Bot got bugged and I could start over again. T_T

I think I died like 4-5 times in the end, but I did a lot of running around and taking damage while using EVERY SINGLE health steal helix I could get. I decided to use my Monty loadout, which lets me end up with like 20 something Health Regen.

I think El Dragon isn’t too bad… His Dragon Spalsh could use a small buff to something… And his heath OR shield could use a buff. I’d prefer to have a bigger shield on El Dragon too. Maybe buff both a bit. His damage was fine, El Dragon was def faster at killing everything than most characters I played but he is just WAY too squishy. Even with the 3% damage reduction helix I chose…


…I have done each char at 100 OPs, 92 times thru now, by far Dragon is the worst.


I think they balance around pvp, not pve. You can’t necessarily balance for both.

Anyway what’s the problem? You still were able to complete the mission.


Would you rather be able beat the hardest challenge in the operation without dieing? Or would you rather El Dragon be able to pentastrike teams in PvP with a little furious clapping?


So why do people suddenly don’t care about a character when it’s underpowered? Everyone complains when one is OP, but when other complain about that character being UP now it’s like “But that character needed a nerf.”

I ■■■■■■■ hated Dragon, the moment I heard his (Awesome) voice I immediately ran. But this is too much. Everything can kill him now.

maskerader was def doing better with other characters that are a bit like El Dragon, which kinda starts showing that El Dragon is not an option anymore.

It reminds me of Kelvin. Everything Kelvin does can be outperformed by a Boldur. Which kinda shows that Kelvin is not a good character choice, so he should get a little buff.

If every single melee outperforms El Dragon so much that you shouldn’t pick El Dragon anymore, something is wrong.
Also, every character should be able to solo PvE.
Also also, El Dragon is just too squishy in both PvE and PvP now.


You can. There are many ways to do this, including straight buffs in story missions (which are ALREADY in the game, by the way).

The problem is the difference between him and every other character is catastrophic. By every other I mean everyone including even Miko or Reyna.

Why not. I do it quite regularly (but, of course, not always) with other characters. I’m not asking for El Dragon to become like this, he’s a glass cannon by design and characters of this type often die in situations like this fight. But what happens now is way too many.

I’d rather see helices/buffs/nerfs that work differently in PVP and PVE. We already have them for PVP, but none for PVE.

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“It reminds me of Kelvin. Everything Kelvin does can be outperformed by a Boldur.”

Not true. A Boldur can not stun an entire team with one skill. (Idk about PvE with Kelvin)

“Also, every character should be able to solo PvE”

Maskerader soloed the Operation on the hardest difficulty and only died 4 to 5 times. Should every character really be able to breeze through a team based game?

A team based game that has been scaled for 1 oerson playing it… Doesn;t sound too bad.If it was on the 3 people difficulty, I bet he wouldn’t be able to breeze through it.

Also, that 1 skill that is able to stunn a team… Boldur can stun one person, but he can also knock up an entire team. They aren’t literally the same characters, but if you need an Eldrid tank, Boldur will always win.

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Should only one character struggle this much when all others “breeze through”?

I like having some diversity yeah. Just like in borderlands, certain characters are designed to do well against certain enemies and certain characters struggle.
I’m not a great melee player so maybe I shouldn’t comment on the situation but yeah I don’t think El Dragon should perform as well as other battleborn in every situation.

A whole mission is not a situation. There is no mission he’s good in currently. I can’t think of any somewhat important situation he will be good in.

@UKS, @BaconianOne and @Gulfwulf, @Vicks_Toire, @HobbitWarrior, @myrickma, @supersawnick, @arcaneredneck (I see you guys, yup), you all miss the key point. Which is not the difficulty itself, but the difference between one character and every other.

Here, read it once more: EVERY. OTHER. LITERALLY.

And that difference is ENORMOUS.

And that difference is NOT JUSTIFIED by anything in this mission, or in other missions, or in PVE in general.

This is wrong, plain wrong.

And I am disappointed GBX never said a word about that issue when purely PVP-based changes impair PVE balance and ruin the fun.


No mission he’s good in or is there some mission he can not finish? There’s a difference. Not all battleborn are created equal. It makes sense that a glass cannon like him would be able to wreck enemy battleborn, but have trouble against the numbers and massive damage output of PvE.

He can finish the mission. I don’t see the problem.

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But it’s still there. And it can be fixed. Even through the means that are already in the game.

Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but didn’t they quietly revert his damage back to where is was pre-nerf?

Aside from your description of how you have to play him to win, what exactly were you having issue with on the mission? Was it difficult to hit with the smaller dragon splash radius, were things not dying fast enough, does he not have enough sustain? Give us some details on what would have made it a smoother run and people can give better responses why they feel that would or would not work.

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Your el dragon took more damage than attikus but did more damage and had more kills.

If you had all the shielding and stuff you are asking for, would Attikus then need a buff? You could potentially make his numbers look lame compared to El Dragon.

El dragon is a wrestler in underwear. Why should he get so much survivability anyway? Other than making the game easier on solo.

And then they changed it back :confused:

Dragon currently does 47 damage a hit on his primary… Orendi currently does 48 a hit on her primary… do you see the issue here?

His only sustain is from a helix option at level 9. His ult now does less then 100 damage upon activation. His only escape is his only initiation and CC. The 1 second stun gives you enough time to finish your splash animation and look at someone before they can move.

Do you see a trend here? His squishyness was offset by his high dps. He has now lost that outside of his ult. At max stacks Dragon can get 73 damage at level 10… something even Rath can achieve and he doesn’t need to maintain stacks to do it…


I’ll do another common gear ED run when I get home. 2 Deaths :wink: