El Dragon clapping through walls

ok so, here we go. On Overgrowth in the middle of the map on the platform where that big shard spawns, facing the center thralls, we spawned on the left side of the position i just described. At first I was on that cliff help OM clear some adds when a El Dragon (fully charged) comes the wall of that cliff and starts clapping. Now it is definitely hitting me so I move and pretty much stand behind that stair case. Well, Dragon kept on clapping and to my surprise, the shockwave went through the wall and killed me and critically damaged others…just thought I would point that out. Maybe some testing of that moves collision is in order? Additionally, collision has big my biggest issue in the game thus far but this one takes the cake. Seemingly, the shock wave of the clap is only reading as a damage dealt hurtbox with invincibility frames or something. It seemed similar to old school Ryu and Ken Dragon punches where their body is technically not there but hurt box is just in case you come into contact with them during said move. I don’t know what the cause is, I’m just a gamer making guesses lolol