El Dragón clothesline glitch

Hi there! I’m certain I’ve encountered a glitch a number of times now, but would love to hear if anyone else has suffered anything similar to make sure that I’m not imagining things.

Not often, but frequently enough for it to have become a bother, when I use El Dragón’s clothesline attack, the control of it goes a touch mad. It either causes El Dragón to run a number of laps in an impossibly tight circle for it’s duration, or instead favours one direction over the other, meaning that if I were to try and steer him the opposite way, I’d go in a not-quite straight line instead of curving like I ought to, as if competing for command over where I’m wanting to clothesline.

Although there is a certain appeal to dazzling my opponents with a dizzying display of lucha libre loop-de-loops, it’s far from convenient to try and escape an engagement, only to twirl on the spot. Even for El Dragón, this heel turn is a little excessive. So if this is an acknowledged problem, and not something solely on my end, I’d love to hear it and hope something happens to cripple this bug!

For what it’s worth, I’m playing on the Xbox One and have an absolute blast with the masked machismo otherwise.



You are not the only one to have this problem, though I do not think it has been directly addressed by those in charge. I have avoided him for hearing of this glitch, but your last comment was just enough for me to want to give him a try, so thanks!

It’s the “auto-aim” on it, it mostly will be fine as long as you don’t “touch the sticks” when you fire it off, if you do though it can get pretty wonky.

Mostly, I try to just use it long enough to get where I’m going and shut it off at a moment’s notice…

Like this: