El Dragón Discussion


Name: El Dragón

Faction: Last Light Consortium

Humans and machines have a long history of war in Battleborn’s lore, and even though the two sides have teamed up to save the last remaining star in the universe, that eternal conflict is still celebrated for entertainment in competitive battles. El Dragón was one of the most popular and successful human fighters in the sport, but a devastating loss ended with the musclebound luchadore getting both of his arms ripped off. Thankfully, El Dragón’s comically oversized robot arms make him a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Primary Weapon: M-RBX Cybernetic Arms
El Dragón is capable of doling out an endless combo of punches thanks to his overpowered arms, while his secondary clap attack can hit enemies from a short distance away. El Dragón can also perform a dropkick attack while sprinting - what else would you expect from a luchadore?


Clothesline – El Dragón’s clothesline attack sends the wrestler blazing across the battlefield, smacking any enemy that gets in his way. This attack is vital for helping El Dragón close the distance between him and projectile-based enemies, and can be upgraded to stun enemies and leech their health via the character’s skill tree.

Dragon Splash – Another powerful attack in El Dragón’s repertoire, Dragon Splash causes the luchadore to launch into the air and come crashing down on a target area. The area-of-effect attack can also stun enemies caught in its wake, giving El Dragón time to unleash another flurry of punches.

Undisputed Champ – El Dragón’s passive ability boosts the wrestler’s melee damage by 3% every time he kills an enemy, up to a maximum of 30%. The bonus is cut in half if you die, but given El Dragón’s beefy attacks, that shouldn’t happen often.

Ultimate Ability:

En Fuego – El Dragón’s ultimate ability causes the wrestler to unleash an explosive shockwave that blasts nearby opponents. En Fuego also augments his other abilities with new properties for a limited time after it is activated.

Gameplay: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/battleborn/b/playstation4/archive/2016/03/03/meet-battleborn-s-kleese-and-el-dragon.aspx?utm_content=buffer90796&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

He honestly just looks like a more fun version of Attikus

Does anyone else feel that after seeing Attikus and Kelvin this character is just repetitive. I feel like they shouldn’t have done this character.

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he’s less tanky and more an assassin than kelvin and attikus, i wonder? honestly, i wasnt super thrilled, interested in any hand to hand melee battleborn until this badass. kelvin stacks health while el dragón stacks damage, attikus attacks in a linear reckless form while this lucha with precise circular aoes. the clap is so good and his clothesline pretty hysterical. icing on the cake for my hype


Kelvin feels pretty unique to me, plus he fills the big golem archetype. For me its more the issue of El Dragon and Attikus, and I was never really that into Attikus. I also don’t think this is quite as bad as Whiskey Foxtrot copying Oscar Mike though.

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I feel like Attikus is really unnecessary. El Dragon looks and feels way more diverse and satisfying as a ‘‘punching character’’, while Attikus… doesn’t really fit that role. Kelvin and El Dragon are literally different from each other, so I wouldn’t be bothered from that.

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Agreed. El Dragon and Kelvin are pretty unique. It’s something about Attikus that just feels… bland? I guess in a cast as diverse and crazy as Battleborn’s, a “giant punching monster” type of character just doesn’t stand out enough.

I’m just reminded of El Santo

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It doesn’t help that his sound effects are so lackluster, and I’m not that into his design. Definitely one of my less favorite characters in an otherwise stellar group

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Reminded a different kind of guy, personally…

Eh Attikus and Dragón arent more alike than Phoebe and Rath honestly…Attikus is a melee Tank while Dragon seems to fill the melee “Disruptor” role seeing as hes fast. Attikus wants to soak damage and take down shields while Dragon wants ambush and run (if need be).

that “Let’s Play” video for El Dragon’ made me realize how much I hate this character’s playstyle. That clothe-line attack seems useful for closing gaps and stuff but seems to be hella annoying to control (running into walls is not fun, I can see people running off the map if possible with it).

The ULT might be strong, but it seems bland as well. Melee punches are boring…
That Dragon Splash is the only cool thing I’ve seen from him so far.

Also him screaming “El Dragoooooon” all the time can get irritating.
For those that will use this character, I shall enjoy crushing you in battle in order to silence you! D:<

El Dragon is basically a Mexican Brick. And yeah, I find the clothe-line a little clunky as well, tho I would choose El Dragon on Attikus any day. He may be a little clunky and generic, but he looks like a lot of fun, and that’s what missing a little bit on Attikus. The main idea of creating another ranged tank that uses his punches like a gun (give some punches to the ground and by that creating electric waves or something) is really nice, but his ULT needs to be done better, so as making him a little more ‘‘satisfying’’; his punches are no near to be felt and that’s apparently my biggest problem with him.

I suspect the Ultimate modifies ALL of Dragons moves, it says as much in the tooltip.

In the Lets Play clip Dragons pops Ult on ISIC then activates his Dragon Splash shortly after which appears to hit as a cannonball/Blanka type move. Unclear as to what extra effects it added whether it be damage or Stun etc. but I imagine you can expect it to alter Clap and Clothesline as well.

I don’t think this character is for me, although i think you can make some ppl crazy with his fast moves. i finally had the time to add a profile page of El Dragón to my site for you who want to read up on all his skills.

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Definitely the first of the new characters I’m playing as in Open Beta. After watching the gameplay video of him, I think he is full of character. His look, abilities and his count out taunt all look like a lot of fun! I also walked away just wanting to say ‘El Dragon’ over and over.

I was reading up on that earlier. Im curious though…any idea if all effects from the Helix tree are maintained when Ult is activated? For example: Clothesline is replaced by the leap-smash move while powered up in En Fuego, will it still apply the Stun effects from the Lvl.1 Helix “Stunner” …or Dragon Splash under En Fuego, will it apply the innate stun AND leave the (DOT) Electric Field from Helix “Splash Damage”?

If so…this guy is going to be ALOT of fun for me!

I think they might have missed a few points in the video that made El Dragón look more difficult to control than we think. Clothesline can be cancelled for one, but he seemed to run into the wall, or keep running, more often than he cancelled out (which is a shame, he could go all Montana style with the level 4 knockup talent). For another, the ability descriptions suggest that the ult is some AoE damage followed by basic attacks and abilities taking on additional properties for 10 seconds. Clothesline does massive damage to a single target, while Splash stuns all enemies hit. Whether that is tied to the level 10 talent selection I don’t know, but he tended to spend his abilities before activating En Fuego and phiyaboi suggested that he saw a different effect when Splash was used during En Fuego.

If you watch the Let’s Play and pause on the helix menu, the descriptions for Clothesline and Dragon Splash tell you what they’ll do during En Fuego. Dragon Splash gains a stun effect.

I assume they will be, the skills don’t seem to be replaced by name so much as altered, and it would definitely make him more interesting if that’s the case :smile: well, I don’t know for the knockup talents of Clothesline but it’d make sense for the 15% damage boost augment. His ult looks like it’ll give you an interesting choice to make with Clothesline at least! More cc or try to wipe somebody out. Dragon Splash might be a bit obvious “use with the ult all the time” if talents still apply but I hope they do just for that sweet Splash Damage and stun synergy.

I agree with @mattiwarden that El Dragon’s sound effects are pretty weak, and in particular I do not like the voice work at all. It is not necessarily because the Mexican luchador stereotype has been done to death in a borderline offensive manner already, but simply that the voice does not seem powerful enough given the size and role of the character.

Past that, the character is all right. I read others commenting on some heroes being too similar, but this is inevitably what happens when you get past 15 or 20 of them in these sorts of games. There is a finite amount of differentiation in mechanics that can exist, and past that it is mostly how you mix the pieces and then the aesthetics and lore of the hero. That is to say, there are only so many weapons a melee hero can use, so I am not surprised or disappointed when I see another one that uses fists in addition to Attikus.

Oh, I am a bit disappointed that there are no grappling moves. I am not sure how that would work or how they would be animated, but the theme of this character begs for some sweet holds and throws.

lol I was talking about Attikus