El Dragon insensitive?

I wanna start by saying that I realize a luchador is supposed to be pretty overt from what I’ve come to understand and also that I am white… like, whiter than basketball in the 1920s so I can’t personally say I understand the culture (I grew up with many latino/latina friends, but that means jack all).

To address my main point, I kinda feel that El Dragon might be overt to the point of being somewhat racially insensitive. I adore him when I do play him and he’s funny as hell, but I always get a little twinge that maybe he’s kind offensive to a degree. I totally adore the wrestler attitude he has (always putting on a show) and the fact that he even puts on a fake voice for most of his dialogue and sometimes talks with a regular voice when he’s serious. But when he punches (sometimes) or uses his Dragon Splash candy flies everywhere like he’s bursting a pinata which feels like it doesn’t relate to his character other than the fact that pinatas are traditionally latin-american. It feels like they’re pressing some of these things for the sake of humor when they don’t really have a place being there.

As my disclaimer at the beginning said though, I’m not extremely familiar with lucha libre culture so maybe I’m missing something. I’d really like to get other peoples opinions on the subject.


Oh God here we go…

Please keep Social Justice on the campus and out of people’s fun.


Welcome to 2016. Leave your sense of humour at the door. Please take a copy of SJW Weekly, Feminism Favourites, Racism Report, and How To Be Offended By Everything.


Is it fun to make fun of a persons heritage and culture or treat other people as though they are “less than” just because of who they are? Did you even read this? I’m simply out to get people’s opinions on the subject. I’d rather not have you insult me.

Treating a culture as a joke isn’t okay and calling it “fun” is even worse. If you don’t care about this subject than don’t acknowledge it or respond to it. Putting this kind of thinking down doesn’t help anyone.

EDIT: and BTW you don’t have to be racist/sexist to be funny.


How is any of it treating him as ‘less than’?
Holy crap everything is an oppression.

Nobody’s going to censor this game for you.


I wasn’t asking them to censor it. Again, did you even ready what I wrote? I just want to get people’s thoughts on the subject to see if they think it’s too much or not. You clearly don’t. Leave it at that.


Hey folks.

If you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it. Also:


i’ve never seen a piñata inside a lucha ring.

sometimes stereotypes can be fun. im mexican and im usually ofended by everything but seeing enemies explode like piñatas is not offensive. actually kind of funny. sometimes i even mishear his spanish like “el duurragooon” and instead hear “el ttrrrragoon” (the eats-a-lot). i prefer this kinda of stereotypes than the japanese sushi guy or the indian dhalsim.

that being said as a mexican i would prefered a dany trejo clone. looks battleborn-ish to me


Trejo confirmed Dlc character.


I like his teleport dance in PVP :slight_smile:

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Well, if lucha is anything like American Wrestling or Japanese wrestling (Which given I’ve seen a luchador whose gimmick is being El Diablo, I’m sure it is), El Dragon makes perfect sense. I really, really would be hugely surprised if there was never a luchador with a piñata gimmick. The character isn’t trying to portray an entire people, but a luchador, who typically are supposed to be wildly over the top and larger than life.

He’s about as insensitive as Montana would be to a Canadian, IMO.


Thanks for bringing this up! I get nervous when specific cultures are singled out in games; the nature of the medium calls for over-exaggeration, which can easily spill over into being offensive. Saying that, Luchadors are performers, so an over-exaggeration of their persona isn’t inherently bad.The pinata thing does make me a bit uneasy as well.(I’m also a white-male who tends to be a little over-sensitive to these things, even when the targeted group might ignore them.)

Gave you a like cos that puppy is cute as hell! Love huskies!


The people who look at something and the first things they perceive are ‘races’, ‘groups’, etc.
The people who see something that seems like it belongs in an ‘other’ and get ‘uncomfortable’.
If anyone’s being racist/whatever, you know where to look.

Segregating people by labels according to what they are and aren’t allowed to do…
Yeah what’s really racist? What’s really insensitive?
Think about it. El Dragon is fine. Gearbox is fine. Look at yourself, everyone.

I know Social Justice throws the word ‘racist’ and other such labels around so much it’s almost lost meaning, so while it still has any meaning I hope this post can enlightens folks.


Considering your concern about labelling or viewing people in terms of groups, I hope you’re using this term ironically.

Taking this to messages.

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Do you think this post "segregated people into labels?"
Also, his concern seems sincere and the question is a good one; but, according to your first paragraph, we should look to people like him to find someone being racist? That seems to be a kindly-worded ad-hominem, which, according to the cute Husky above, is against the rules.

I feel like jack black and nacho libre put a lot of breathing room into the acceptability of luchador representations as humourous in our culture. And el dragon, in comparison, is a more serious portrayal of the social figure. But the candy, yeah. I guess it reduces his opponents to pinatas?

"… when they don’t really have a place being there."
You’re not allowed to be there. Who is allowed to be there? People who are hispanic enough?
Luchadores themselves?
That’s what I’m referring to - you’ve gotta be in said arbitrary group otherwise you’re not welcome to do anything.

Anyway, ad-hominem is dismissing an argument using an insult as the reason why it is dismissed (eg: you’re wrong because you’re ugly).
If something appears to be insulting but is not the reason itself, it cannot be ad-hominem (eg: you’re wrong. By the way, you’re ugly).


But you didn’t answer his concern, you just insinuated that he was racist, and that he was creating the problem.He was just asking a question. Also, there’s nothing that’s arbitrary about the group “Hispanic.” There’s a complicated history, along with unique way of perceiving/being perceived currently, that goes along with it. That’s why this question matters, and can’t be dismissed as an SJW problem. To say race doesn’t matter, or doesn’t exist, is a subversive form of erasure. People’s culture and heritage deeply matter and are very real.