El Dragon Jr. AND Road Dog both broken?

Been trying to get my Lvl. 53 Unleash The Dragon Relic for a good 90 mins. now and El Dragon Jr. is doing the same thing Road Dog was doing last night: not dropping diddly squat. Maybe a few bucks twice or 3 times. Is it just me? Or are both of these Mini Bosses broken?

Not broken. Keep trying. 90 minutes isn’t very long. You’ll get it eventually. Buck up kiddo. God speed. Etc.


lol Gotcha. Was worried because he hasn’t dropped one gun, shield, or relic yet! Time to put some tunes on in the background! :grin:

Oh Yeah! You were on the money. Went back to it and got my Unleash The Dragon PLUS a Black Hole Legendary Shield! Back to Road Dog I go!

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You can change the Mayhem if farming that artifact, or even turn it off. Maybe it will help.

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I did the same thing last night. recollecting everything at level 53. El Dragon was pretty stingy with it. But it eventually dropped. :sweat_smile:

Surprisingly, Banjo relic dropped pretty quickly for me.

Yeah it´s kinda odd. Collected 3 Banjos in 5 runs, no Unleash the Dragon after 50 runs. For some people it´s the other way `round. I know RNG and such, but it´s still irksome.

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