El Dragón Jr enraged

Has anyone taken El Dragón Jr to godliath mode?

Today I realized there must’ve been a reason that 3-4 COVs comes a’runnin towards the fight once you start fighting this hunka-luchador goliath. So I decided to do a goliath enrage tactic to see if anything happened, and to my surprise (yet, not too surprised as he IS a goliath), they started fighting eachother (after not shooting for a while, as Goliaths seems to favour aggresive enemies). I managed to get him up to the mega stage, before I was engaged with 2 anointed psychos teleporting around throwing energy balls, at which point I had to go all out if I wanted to kill any more. This unfortunately resulted in killed El Dragón Jr before he got to the next level.

I havent found any topics or people talking about him being enraged before, so thought I would give my experience with this. I also believe that this might’ve been the intended purpose for him to spawn in such a random area close to COV camps, as he rarely drops any legendaries, but with each level has a higher chance to drop some legendary loot, just like regular goliaths.

Leveling up rare/named goliaths does notbinh but increase world drop trash and may even make it so their dedicates dont drop.

I have leveled up the unstoppable for like a whole day outta boredom wanting a multivitamin sitarack shields or whatever its called… Everytime he was mega hyper infinity all tbose extra titles. He only dropped world drop leggos.

So if ur targeting loot. Its a bad idea to let him evolve as its a time waster.