El Dragon Jr. farming issue


I realize you guys have bigger fish to fry with the main game, but if you have time, please consider making some changes to this rare mini-boss. Let me say up front that I do not mind farming - it’s part of the game. What I do mind is when that farming experiencing becomes inordinately tedious and immensely frustrating. I offer the following information to substantiate this issue.

The issue here is that there are roughly four RNG gates that need to be successfully passed in order to get the shield drop.

First, he needs to spawn. I made 100 attempts at his spawn point in Jakob’s Estate (by attempts, I mean quitting and reloading the map). Out of those 100 attempts, he spawned a total of 8 times. That averages out to a spawn rate of approximately 1 out of 12 attempts.

Second, he needs to drop a legendary. Of the 8 times (out of 100 attempts) he spawned for me, he only dropped a legendary 3 of those 8 times. All my attempts were made on Mayhem 4, which has the same drop rates as Mayhem 3.

Third, he needs to drop the specific legendary you’re looking for, which in this case was the Stop Gap shield. Of the 3 times he dropped a legendary, he dropped a Stop Gap shield once. The other two times he dropped his relic.

Fourth, the specific legendary then needs to roll the specific modifiers you want. For me, I’m after an anointed Bullet Buffet Stop Gap. As you can imagine given all the possible prefix combinations, the chance of getting this becomes exponentially low to the point that it’s simply not worth the time and effort.

It takes my Xbox about 3 minutes to quit and reload the map, and it takes me roughly another minute to check his spawn. Needless to say, these 100 attempts took me over 6 hours to complete, with little to show for it. That’s ridiculous. I feel justified in saying that this is an unreasonable amount of RNG to make farming this mob viable, and it needs to change. I realize he’s not the only one who falls into this situation, but I believe he’s one of the worst. I therefore would recommend some changes to make farming this particular mob more reasonable, and less tedious and frustrating for the player.

Make his chance to spawn 100%. Rare spawns only work if they always drop one particular loot table item, such as the BoS shield from the Unstoppable (which he doesn’t always drop, but he drops it far more often than El Dragon Jr, and it’s his only dedicated drop).

Increase his drop rates. There are three different items in El Dragon Jr’s dedicated loot pool: his Unleash the Dragon relic, the Stormfront grenade, and the Stop Gap shield. Even with an increased drop rate, the player will still have to contend with a 1 in 3 chance of getting any specific drop he/she is after, and THEN there’s the RNG for the modifiers to work through if you’re farming for the shield.

In summary, for one of the better and more widely used shields in the game, there are clearly some QoL changes that should be made for players attempting to farm him. I hope you’ll take a little time to consider them.

Thanks for listening/reading.


Funny you said this. I decided to farm him this morning, in 2 hours of farming he spawned once in every three runs and never dropped me a single legendary in two hours…and I was in Mahyem 4 :thinking:
He is the worst I have seen so far !

Literally farmed him yesterday for the stop gap (looking for an ASE stop gap) for almost 3 hours and got 1 legendary, his relic. Takes the wind right outa your sails once you see how often he does not spawn.

I’ve only seen him a few times and he’s only dropped blues & greens for me.

I’m pretty sure they missed a couple of the rare spawn enemies when they buffed their drop rates. Brood Mother is another that hardly drops anything. The rare spawns that do have buffed drop rates seem to usually at least drop something.

That said, even the ones with buffed drop rates are still not fun to farm if you’re going for anointed gear. I’m in favor of either make the rare spawn actually drop a legendary every time, or having them spawn every time.

So I started farming El Dragon Jr. again after the latest hotfix/patch, still trying to get a Stop Gap with bullet absorb and 20% ASCD on ASE. After three hours of farming him, I saw one anointed Stop Gap (wrong rolls and wrong anointment), then the game crashed on me (Xbox One).

I’m beginning to develop a complex.