El Dragon Jr question

I’m on PS4 and trying to find him. I hear it’s random that he spawns. But also if someone on your friends list finds it shows on the quest board. But I only have 1 friend that has the game. Can I spawn him like Rakkman by quitting and reloading ? Or is there another way?

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Quit and reload

Yes, just reload your game and the chance for him to spawn resets, allowing you another chance.

Yup, I was doing that while waiting for replies and he spawn…:grin::grin:

Onto Demoskaggon!!

i had the demo spawn but it didnt count when i killed them because i was in the vehicle. took me about an hour to finally spawn El Dragon Jr. the rest have yet to spawn. and its just travel to different planets and try again

For me it is quicker to activate the New-U closest to the spawn location. Then quit and reload until that rare spawn shows up.

well i was bouncing between the 3 guys to spawn and killing whatever in between.

Ok I got all 4 of them now. Borman Nates appeared the first time I went to his “haunt” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And I knew how to get Rakkman. Just 6 more challenges to go for the new skin