El Dragon just feels under powered early / mid game

He is not as under powered as Whiskey Foxtrot but just like Whiskey Foxtrot there is no good reason to pick him, he is a huge squishy target with weak melee damage early game.

El Dragon is a big easy target with very low 975 HP and no ranged attack until the level 3 clap mutation. I am fine with how squishy he is since he has a good deal of gap closers and and escapes on relatively short cooldowns. The issue is that he is a large soft target, his early game is terrible and his mid/late game is not strong enough anymore (due to the nerfs) to justify playing him.

Any competent team can completely shuts him down early since hes a large targer and he does not catch up until its too late. Its too easy for ranged characters like Marquis or even melee characters like Galilea to completely push him out of lane preventing him from gaining exp.

He is a very fun champ, I still play him regularly and do well with him in solo que. Unfortunately in any kind of 5 man premade match he is easily pushed completely out of lane since he has no range, no sustain, and low health.
P.S : His passive appears to have been changed back to 3% melee damage per stack, but may not be working correctly as it has not been mentioned in any patch notes.

He’s defined as a carry, someone who gains power significantly throughout the match. He’s not suppose to have an easy early game. Could probably use some tuning, though.

Though not easy he is a snowballer, which means if you fall behind good luck and if you get ahead the other team will cry and cry and cry. High risk high reward. Most people suck with him cause they think they can stick around at low health and you can’t. Go back to base, heal, haul ass back you are fast enough. But yeah, wait till you see one get a kill or two early in the game being patient and then how quickly he becomes a monster, but it requires early kills and the ultimate mega super rule for el dragon. DO NOT LOSE THOSE STACKS

Hes an easy champ to pick up and play, but has a very high skill cap. There a very big difference between an average El Dragon player and a good one. At the moment he is too weak for the average player to play and not rewarding / strong enough for a good player to choose him over others. He just does not feel right anymore, especially in competitive 5v5 play. He just doesn’t fit any role right at the moment.

He is a melee carry, but there are ranged characters that snowball way harder than him while having an easy early game and amazing wave clear all game. For example Isic and Thorn. There are melee characters that snowball harder even , for example Rath and Shayne & Aurox. They are not as strong at the very late game, but they are strong enough whern it matters and have play making abilities such as knock up, silence, or pulls right from the get go. Lets not even mention how strong of a early , mid and late game Galilea is. Versus any good team that is smart enough not to over extend you are not going to snowball early with El Dragon because he has no range until level 3 and no CC until level 4.

What was completely over powered about him before was the massive AOE base damage clap did did and his ultimate doing 500 base damage. Those high damage bases scaled to insane numbers once certain mutations were unlocked and combined with gear equipped. He just scaled too well and had a massive power spike at level 5. His early game was still horrible before the nerf bat, but he was able to catch early kills easily against over extending players.

Belstin I agree 100% with you. I’m not asking for them to bring En Fuego back to its insane level but I’d like to able to get in an get out of fight without having all my shields and the majority of health knocked out. It would help me be able to the kills he needs to get to those early helix choices.