El Dragon & Lore Challenges

Alright guys pull it in for a second… ahem WTF is up with EL Dragon’s lore challenges they are practically impossible. Just imagine trying to land the final blow on ISIC on the Algorithm in a team, ok fine so do it solo.

But kill not 100, but 1000 minions with dragon splash… i mean ONE- THOUSAND i’ve been playing him for a week and i only have 55/1000 it’s ridiculous he’s already squishy so you can’t really just walk about saving minions to near death then dragon splashing them, and dragon splash doesn’t have the damage even with the helix and gear to instakill all minions i’ve tried.

Also the clothesline challenge is extremely difficult because the skill itself is somewhat buggy, on players it does what it is supposed to do regardless of size or positioning you dash past them causing them to be briefly knocked into the air but using it on minions big or small sometimes they stop you completely, sometimes they derail you causing you to go to the sides, sometimes you go through one but are stopped on another , and sometimes i swear it does not count. I know some people’s lore feels easier than others but wow this is touch as bricks X_X

the best place to do the dragon splash is the begining of the first mission and melt down i just clothesline in a dragon splash and it will take out a few

Pfft…Kleese has to kill 500 with Black Hole. An ult CD.

That was fun to do :stuck_out_tongue: