El Dragon Needs a rework: The saga continues

Alrighty, I’ve been saying this for a while because dragon got beat to hell and all he got was a slight health buff. After 360 games with him, over half post nerf, these are the things i would love to see that i dont think would make him as OP as he used to be. Please drop suggestions.

Passive: gains a double jump for more accurate splashes, and utility with dropkick detailed below

Passive: dropkick now lunges farther with increased knockback, with increased damage/knockback based on height.

  • Passive: Dragon bounces after dragon splash in any direction, this would allow him to splash a wave and not be trapped inside it, as well as having a small movement advantage when vs a player.

Passive- Clothsline wounds enemies hit for X seconds.

Helix change: LVL 1 mutation gives damage reduction for the duration of the skill, + X seconds.

Helix change: LVL 3 right helix, instead of replacing the primary combo, it replaces the clap, this way he does not lose the spin and requires combo timing like pheobe.

Helix change: LVL2: fighting inside the dragon splash ringalso charges his sheilds based on its damage.

Helix change: lvl 6 Mutation: gives atk spd boost after Clothsline instead, also lvl 6, change clothesline damage to Clothsline speed and/or distance… also lvl 6, left helix regen gets major increase (whisky gets 220 on a minion kill like what)

Oh and a slight atk spd buff, since every other melee besides kelvin gets either a atk speed buff, a dmg buff, or both.

@Dr_H0H0 is the only reason he hasn’t been buffed. As I think he’d best speak on the subject, I’ll refrain

Well him and a few others. As long as they can do as well with him as they can, I doubt he will ever be buffed up. If anything he may receive more nerfs

So, I don’t think he is that far off to being really balanced.

  1. Drop Kick- Make it just like Deande. And eliminate all drop kick related helixes.
  2. Change his lvl 2 right helix to, "When activating clothesline (or dragon splash, but not both), instantly begins to recharg shield.
  3. Change his lvl 3 right helix to, “+240 Max Shield and 105 recharge rate” same as pheobe or ghalt.
  4. Change his lvl 6 right helix to something that destroys his shield and adds damage to whichever skill isn’t chosen at lvl 2.
  5. Switch lvl 7 left and lvl 8 right and make all lvl 8 cooldown related. The mutation could be “-3 seconds on El Fuego for each enemy killed by dragon splash” similar to Rath’s lvl 9

These might seem like a lot, but all of these skills and helix choices exist on other characters around the same level.

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I get that multiple characters have helixs like tgat but itd be kinda lame if they copy pasted abilities to him. His uniqueness is what i like.

I agree he isnt far off, i can still do fantastic in games, but usually when that happens its because my support is rediculously on point or the enemy is unskilled or new to the game. The team i run with usually runs alani reyna and they have to constantly be giving me help and it takes away from the rest of the team. Itd be nice if he wasn’t as dependent on having 2 healers.

I hear what you’re saying, but right now, there are only a couple ways to play him, even if you have good support, and at most levels, there is a clear choice. I believe that a good character balance should be at each level, you have situational choices which change based on a map and type of match. If you take some of my suggestions, he would still have his uniqueness, but you could play him as a tank, a glass cannon, or an assassin. Hell, you could even do a bit off each.

Your right in that regard, i almost always choose the same helixes every game because your shooting yourself in the foot otherwise. Personally, if your suggestions were implemented i would only take 4. I love the risk/reward of sheild dump techniques.

Then take 3 as well, who needs the range on the clap?

I would cry. Q.Q The bicycle kick tech I discovered makes me want to hit 8 now.

Both options are fine imo but the right one needs to last longer than it does currently… 1.5-2 seconds of increased speed… yay…

One increases his 1v1 damage while the other one gives him ranged aoe. I would never take the shield helix option if it was added. His right here just needs a little buff since it effectively removes all of his aoe.

All of the ones on this level are fine. Just buff the Clothesline damage to 20-25% so it’s more appealing and works better with a skill damage build.

Instead of the cooldown at 7 i would really prefer a Dragon splash height helix for utility. 8 just needs left and right buffed. Such as weaken and apply damage amp for drop kicking them for 8 seconds. That might be worth taking over mobility on your ult.

I like him the way he is. Giving him copy paste abilities from other battleborn takes away his uniqueness.

Now onto the main argument @aolanimax

I really liked the height he had on Dragonsplash in beta and think it should be a level 7 helix option for utility. [quote=“aolanimax, post:1, topic:1555516”]
Passive: dropkick now lunges farther with increased knockback, with increased damage/knockback based on height.

Giving it knockback at level 8 instead of life steal is a great option I approve.

He really needs to stick to people so bouncing isn’t such a good idea when you’re chasing a kill then just bounce off. He has clothesline for escapes early which is fine. I don’t think he really needs another one.

A wound on Dragon just sounds broken… He can already out damage pocket healers in his ult and being able to just screw supports and kill them in 2-3 seconds isn’t really fair.

All of the yes for this one. His level 1 mutation needs something to make it appealing. i thought of just increasing the speed and length of Clothesline would be fun but this works too.

As I mentioned in my reply to Vegan the right helix just needs a slight buff. It does increase his solo dps but you’re losing all of your range and aoe for it…

He already has a shield regen helix at 6 so he doesn’t really need another. They just need to buff the duration of his right helix.

The reason the health regen is bad here is because he gets amazing shield recharge that doesn’t stop for 4 seconds. The attack speed should be a little longer since Attikus and Phoebe both get attack speed increase without the use of skills… The damage can stay on Clothesline but it needs a slight buff.

He already does good damage. Not sure why everyone thinks his damage is bad now… He isn’t a brain dead ult into free multikill character anymore. Combined with some gear he is also amazingly tanky late game and can still 1v2 pretty well in most cases.

  1. Drop kick =/= Air Kick. How about we just buff Dropkick’s damage?
  2. It would have to be clothesline, since Dragon splash already has one extremely similar to this. But this combined with lifesteal at level 8 on a minion wave. All your health and most of your shield back? That’s a little broke.
  3. Nah. How about… Dragon gains shield steal or lifesteal for doing… something… I’d say through stacks from his passive, but passive helixes should always come at level 5. Or we just make shield/lifesteal a part of his passive. Why shieldsteal? Because LLC… energy… and stuff… I’m okay with Power Fist staying, but it needs to do more damage. A lot more.
  4. Nope. That helix is fine as-is.
  5. Don’t remember the choices really so I can’t make judgement here, but it sounds alright.

Could you say what the “some gear” is?

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

View on lowlidev.com.au

Combine this with his 30% damage reduction, Shield recharge for 4 seconds and level 9 helix and he can take around 3640 damage at level 10 without any life steal. If I happen to clothesline a wave he can take around 5500-6000 depending on how low I was. Combine that with just under 500dps with his ult and tell me he’s a bad character…

With the bouncing, im talking like, maybe 3 steps distance at most so he isnt trapped inside of a wave nothing major and definitely not as a useful escape.

Given that he can either be more mobile with the bicycle or do damage amp i probably would not chose the knockback in this case. I would love to use the amp more as an initiator, which is why id love lunge distance. Save for knocking characters out of position. I think a small passive knockback increase would be better than a major one w helix.

I played him in the beta but must not have noticed a height change, was it substantial? I just remember how broken galy and ambra were lol

You could jump up to mid in paradise from lane and could get behind the sentry on overgrowth so yes the difference is pretty big. [quote=“aolanimax, post:14, topic:1555516”]
I think a small passive knockback increase would be better than a major one w helix.

Small knockback is fine but we need something to replace the life steal. Q.Q

I always try and dive behind the wave slightly so I don’t get juggled by the minions since it can mean a death sentence early on but i get what you mean. I have zero faith in gearbox to pull off the bounce mechanic like this though since it would always shoot you somewhere you don’t want to be… see Attikus leap for an example.

Maybe not a dropkick helix at all to replace it. Gotta agree on the power fist i feel like it needs a boost or less recovery time after it lands. Id still argue the clap replacement would fill that utility roll too.

Well, yes. But I mean Jythri literally told him that he’s the reason Dragõn doesn’t breathe fire

And probably never will. Welcome to GBX balance where one players ability determines the balance of a character for everyone

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(That everyone is just him)

Randy posted on Reddit last week I believe saying he’s getting a buff in the next patch. I may be ruining his chances by playing him but they can’t balance around 1-3 people. I don’t expect him to ever be top tier again but hopefully they find a middle ground where I can put in work with him and still allow other players to not feel like a burden when they play him.

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