El Dragón nerfed too hard?

This recent hotfix effected El Dragón way too much. He is now not really viable when you’re going against someone like phoebe or rath. I fell short of health and dps to even match up with them. He had a pounding in the patch notes all his damages were pretty much cut. Another problem is his Heath was as well which I didn’t think was really necessary. Gearbox kinda slapped him too hard and not very carefully. If you’ve played him and or against him let me know how you feel about this problem or is you even find it to be a problem.


agreed, he was nerfed pretty hard


I think the damage nerf was neccessary, but found his splash height and health nerf uncalled for. Poor cyber luchador, maybe I’ll play him again, but right now he just isn’t cutting it.


The only complaints I found were about his clap so I’m not sure why they nerfed the other things. Poor El Dragon :cry:

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His En Fuego (Ultimate) initial burst damage was reduced by a whopping 62% which is very harsh. Like I said not being so careful to do it little by little and see how it works.

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I love playing as El Dragon. With all honesty, I believe his damage output needed to be tone down some, as well as his Clap. I don’t quite understand the reduction for his max health. If anything, they should of gave him a bit more health, to balance his lower attack. His Ultimate should have been reduce by 32 to 42%…instead of 62%. IMO his Ultimate was not very damaging in the first place…when compared to his Clap.

You probably don’t know but all of his skill damage was also nerfed with clothesline starting at a mere 62 damage now. The only thing i don’t agree with was the height on his dragon splash as that removed some of his escape and pursuit options. Yes he was hit really hard but i feel he is in a really good place now since his early game is now much weaker with the health nerf and his late game is still very good. “his burst damage was just nerfed really hard” I found myself thinking I’m going to dive their whole team and pickup 3+ kills every time. No character should ever have the capacity to do that. I now have to debate if it’s worth it and if i can get out if i dive with 3 or so of them present.

Interesting opinion.

Every game I played since the patch with El Dragón in it has resulted in my team being wafflestomped, mostly by El Dragón.