El Dragón | Pentastrike!


I’m almost tempted to use this guy just to get that damn elusive title, then I think it’s not worth it lol.

Well done!

I knew how it was going to end and I was still getting anxious when you looked for that OM haha

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Did you take the clothesline cooldown on hit? Seems like it was back up FAST. Not a helix choice I normally take but going to experiment with it now. Also rarely use the clothesline while en feugo, tend to use it to initiate THEN pop En Feugo, but this looks juicy.

I didn’t use clothesline during the En Fuego, it runs out around the time I’m fighting ghalt.

I don’t use the quick cooldown on clothesline either.

The main game changers for my Dragon are:

Level 1 right
Level 2 left
Level 3 left
Level 4 right
Level 5 left
Level 6 middle
Level 7 right
Level 8 middle
Level 9 right
Level 10 left


Boots of the brute
Attack speed buff
Attack damage buff

Hope it helps!

Thanks :slight_smile:
I must have been mistaken, I thought you used the en fuego clothesline to engage the last enemy.

Either way sick stuff.

Boots of the Brute :heart_eyes: :cry::imp: so good