El Dragon + Reyna = sentry annihilation

Was playing last night as El Dragon with someone who used Reyna and was giving the overshield at the PERFECT time. I’ve never gotten to wail on it for that long before. If he gets En Fuego with a good Reyna backing you up it’s lights out. For me he is the most fun and funny character to play right now. I was standing on top of the sentry! Badass.

Yeah I was playing game last night; team had our 2nd Sentry down to around 32…I managed to Fuego and take out 2 and Assisted on a 3rd, teammate took out a 4th.

So with under a minute left I rush their 2nd Sentry; Montana tries to engage me at their Top Healing station, I say “screw it” Clothesline slam from the Top rope on the Sentry (which had full HP and around 20% shields) solo, Pop Fuego>Electric Field Dragon splash->start “hammer dancing” on its head. Halfway through Dragon shouts “this Sentinels going Down!”

So yea…Sentinel blows and we win…I flash my belt like 4 times at the end to let them know whos the Champ :grin: Most clutch ive had in Incursion. I think Miko started healing me towards the end.