El Dragón Shield Stack

Now, I know he just got buffed with +150 base health and +0.5% damage per stack, but he’s still rather squishy. His original nerf was way too over the top and wasn’t needed at all.
To help balance him out, I think he should also gain something like 10 shield strength per stack as well as damage. This would make him slightly less squishy, but would only equate to 100 extra shields. This would also allow you to see how many stacks of Undisputed Champ you have as right now you pretty much only know if you have full stacks or none.
TL;DR: +10 shield strength per stack as well as damage to allow for more survivability as well as a way to count your stacks.


He didn’t need that nerf, but he needed A nerf. He was the games strongest assassin easily

Huh. That’s a pretty good idea. Mostly for actually showing stacks, since that has been a pain since day 1. Nice