El dragon skin idea

I really hope they have a robot skin with human arms. Anyone else have cool ideas?


So ISIC ripped his body off his arms.


Noooo, could just be his new evil twin! After Isic ripped off his arms he placed them on a robot he built!

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Given how the skins only change costume color I don’t see that happening unless they had a skin where the arms matched his skin color and his outfit was silver/grey. In that case it’d be like ISIC ripped his legs/head off instead.

Actually, they apparently have full skin swaps in the full game. Mm mentioned on another thread that they only had a small handful of the skins in the beta

Really?! That’s awesome! I really need to hit these forums more often. Yes. Do the El Dragon arm swap thing.

Hahahaha, I used to be much more involved but the beta made the forums so overwhelming to do anything more than look for a particular subject for me. There’s apparently three types of skins: color scheme, theme scheme (still colored but zombie for example) and model changes scheme.

How about an el dragon luchadore skin with a green jumpsuit and a red and green hat but instead for his hands glowing when he gets a stack he just has normal harms and as he gets stacks they become manlier more hair mor muscle i think it would be cool

Seems like it might need a bit of coding, but it’s a cool idea. I bet they try and give him a suit and top hat at some point. I could dig that.

Ha! I love it. The hair growing would be hilarious, but I don’t think it would be as noticeable. Maybe veins glowing or something? Like bane. Thinking about it bane would be a fantastic costume since he’s also a luchador

I’ll just leave that there as my suggestion.

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Or the Masked Muscle from Punch out on the snes.

big fake skins over his robot arms in a fairly obvious fashion would be hiarious. like those pull-up tattoo ink sleeves, or like a knitted sweater but his arms are still like… robot.