El Dragón "The Real American" skin Hulkamania skin

So we already have some Hogan references as taunts. Lets get a skin. With handlebar stache and the red bandana. Doesnt have to have normal arms but just make the robot arms have a skin color to them for the sake of it. I feel that we aleady have enough references. And hulk hogan could probably use a little extra cash so he Wouldn’t be opposed i imagine haha. I think gearbox also needs a forum section for skin ideas from the community!! :smiley:

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Fyi, Hogan does not need any extra cash dude. lol

He made Gawker file for bankruptcy due to like the $100 million lawsuit he won. Hulk is doing just fine bro.

I would love a Macho Man Randy Savage skin :slight_smile:


But it would still be nice to get a hulk hogan dragón skin eh? Eh???

I would love for dragón to get a few skin references from like the old WWF in general haha.
But your right i would love a macho man skin. Haha hat, glasses, beard and all lol.
Haha even give dragon a macho man taunt to boot.

I have to say, when I first saw El Dragon I absolutely hated the idea of a wrestler as one of the characters and it took me a long time to give him a try but I have to admit I was completely wrong. He is a lot of fun to play as and he somehow manages to fit in as a great and interesting character. As far as skins and taunts he has a tremendous amount of potential since they can dip into almost any popular wrestlers, I think Macho Man would be just epic, but I would love to see them have skins based on many of the masked wresters that have been famous, I’d love to see some Great Muta, Van Vader, Ultimo Dragon, the list just goes on and on.

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